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Confession We "Ain't to Proud to Beg" for American Idol to just crown five champions now!

Seriously, we don't think we've ever enjoyed (and fretted over!) a season of Idol this much, with each of the final five contestants consistently bringing their A-game. Why do they have to make this so hard on us?! Last night, the remaining hopefuls tackled songs from the '60s and British pop tunes. 

So who do we think is in danger of getting booted? And who really impressed us? Plus, which contestant are we worried about after they refused to hug their fellow contestant? Find out...

Our Top Five Performances

5. Hollie Cavanagh's "Bleeding Love" 

It's hard to live up to Leona Lewis' version, but by goly, that's exactly what the pint size diva did last night, connecting completely with the emotion of the ballad. Can you believe she was thisclose to going home last week?!

4. Skylar Laine's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" 

Can we just go to a Skylar Laine concert already?! This girl has so much energy on stage, it's infectious. Plus, the vocals ain't half bad either, right? (We jest! Her vocals are awwwesome.)

3. Jessica Sanchez's "You Are So Beautiful"

Hello, insane vocal control! Jessica more than made up for her less-than-stellar "Proud Mary" performance with her rendition of the Joe Cocker tune. And oh, that last note! One complaint? The over-accessorizing! It looks like she got into a fight with the Forever 21 accessory department...and lost.

 2. Joshua Ledet's "To Love Somebody"

Insane in the membrane is basically the own way we can describe Joshua's performance. He's just so good and reminds us of a teen idol from the '60s; the judges calling him a "throwback to another era" is completely on the nose. (P.S. For those keeping score: Joshua scored his 13th [!] standing ovation from the judges tonight. Is this an Idol record?) 

1. Hollie Cavanagh's "River Deep, Mountain High"

Randy Jackson is right: Hollie is coming into her own and peaking at exactly the right time. Hollie's cover of the Ike and Tina Turner classic was damn near close to "pehfect." And the stage presence! We're like proud Dance Moms stage parents!

Who's In Trouble

3. Phillip Phillips

OK, so the handsome crooner really isn't in trouble considering we've listed him in this category before and he's yet to visit the bottom three, but we were underwhelmed by Phillip last night. Alas, Phillip could probably walk out on stage, tune his guitar, sing a few lines from the dictionary, walk off and still not make it into the bottom three, so what do we know? We never said we were scientists. 

2. Skylar Laine

While we enjoyed both of the country girl's performances, we're worrying about her chances tonight considering she landed in the bottom three last week after positively slaying Queen's "The Show Must Go On." What more does she have to do for y'all, America?!

1. Joshua Ledet

Is it sad that as soon as Joshua pushed Phillip away rather than hugging him, we yelled, "No! You're losing votes, bromance it up, you fool!"? We think Joshua's attitude, or lack of enthusiasm rather, may hurt him, which is a shame considering he's been the most consistently solid performer this season. 

Bottom Three Prediction: Jessica, Joshua and Skylar 

Exit Prediction: With Hollie stepping up her game and Jessica slaying her second performance, we fear Skylar's heading home tonight. 

American Idol Top Five Exit Poll
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