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By Kristin Dos Santos May 03, 2012 1:00 PMTags
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Donna Martin Brittany S. Pierce graduates! 

Yes, this seems to be the Glee fan base's battle cry heading into the final stretch of episodes as the Fox hit show has been keeping mum on whether or not the class president and Santana's GF will be leaving McKinley High behind in the finale. So what did Heather Morris have to say about Brittany's chances of landing a diploma? 

Plus, we've got scoop on Gossip Girl's love triangle, one of Grey's hottest docs, Desperate Housewives' series finale, Michael and Julia's Smash reunion, the return of a fan-favorite guest star on Once Upon a Time and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

KingsWater: Season is almost over and still nothing on Brittany graduating. You got any info?
Sorry, kids, but Heather Morris ain't spilling, as she coyly tells us, "We don't know yet. Maybe I know, but I can't tell!" Curses! One finale tidbit she would divulge. Lots of tears! "We started it today. It's pretty sad," she says. "I cried today."

Kimberly in Salt Lake City: After watching Rachel choke this week on her NYADA audition, I'm kinda freaking out she's going to do it at Nationals too!
Have no fear team Sylvester-Schuester are here! We had the same concerns as you until we recently chatted with the new dynamic duo and they reassured us that New Directions is going to rock it in Chicago! Matthew Morrison tells us, "Oh yeah, they're bringing their A-game this year at nationals for sure!" We've had our doubts in the past about trusting Coach Sue, but Jane Lynch reveals that she's still the same person, just trying to be a bit more "genuine." She explains, "She hasn't changed her stripes so if something pisses her off she could switch, but I think she was really sincere...and at least in this moment she means it." Hopefully this 'moment' will help New Directions finally secure a first place at Nationals!

Christina_Dets: Safran said that Blair's choice (C or D) will be clear. Does that mean that isn't going to be the result of a misunderstanding?
No, it means she will choose one Gossip guy over the other by season's end. While we won't say who Blair chooses in Gossip Girl's finale on May 14, we can tell you there will be no cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan; she's definitely making one.

StorybrookeMirror: Have any more Once Upon a Time spoilers up your sleeve?
Mirror, mirror on Twitter, prepare for the return of another guest star! OK, that didn't really rhyme, but we tried. A guest star we previously only met in the fairy-tale world will be returning before season's end and this time, we'll be meeting their Storybrooke counterpart as well. Warning: Prepare yourselves for a pretty big twist.


TMS988: Grey's Anatomy! Preferably something about McSexie :)
How about a little McSexie something plus Jackson? Jesse Williams says although Jackson knows he made the right decision to take a step back from Lexie that "it's still a bit of an elephant in the room." Does that mean that the drama isn't completely over between the three of them? "It's interesting to play him not taking that out on Mark, not blaming Mark," Williams explains. "He can't see Lexie without thinking about the brief moment that they had and it was kind of unfinished." Sounds like there is still drama to mine there.

Connor: What can we expect from the Fringe finale? It seems like David Robert Jones may succeed in destroying at least one universe!
Judging from the awesome season finale trailer, you may be onto something there! However, what if David Robert Jones isn't exactly a villain?  Executive producer J.H. Wyman says, "No bad guy thinks that they're a bad guy. Jones is a pretty good bad guy." Jeff Pinkner adds, "I think David Robert Jones is pretty compelling. He's definitely a suitable opponent for our team."  

Angeliiiiique: Please, I can't stop asking about Michael and Julia for weeks now, any scoop about them please please?
Michael Swift returns to Smash next week and makes it clear that he still has feelings for Julia as the two share an intense moment that makes us wonder if she's really over him. Bonus: He drops a bombshell of his own on Julia in the finale. And yes, Frank witnesses their sizzling chemistry (Ha, get it? 'Cause he's a science teacher?!) firsthand.


Gsierra21: Anything on the last three episodes of Desperate Housewives?
While Tom and Lynette are currently breaking our hearts, it seems like their relationship will take a turn (for the better!) in the final stretch. "I think the fans can expect to see characters from the past and satisfying resolution to storylines and specifically Tom and Lynette," Doug Savant tells us. Wheee!

Auralynturner: Any scoop on season three of The Glades?
The A&E hit will be taking a page out of the FX playbook in season three when they tackle a Nip/Tuck-esque storyline, handsome plastic surgeon and all! This surgeon has a dark side…a very dark side. Our favorite thing about this case? It brings Jim face-to-face with his old partner Mike Ogletree, whom he sent to prison back in the pilot.

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