How many people does it take to turn Ashton Kutcher into a veritable "freak show" of undesirable suitors?

Quite a few, especially when the beards and mustaches of varying consistencies have to be applied!

E! News has obtained this exclusive sneak peek at the making of Popchips' new commercial, which had Kutcher busting out some Method acting behind the scenes.

Whether he was sticking to a beer-honed accent while "Swordfish's" tattoos were being drawn on or cuddling "Darl's" teacup chihuahua while in hair and makeup, Kutcher seemed to be entertaining the crew as much as he ended up entertaining us with the finished project.

And in the end, the ad, featuring the Two and a Half Men star as a bunch of guys being interviewed for a dating site called World Wide Love, does exactly what it's supposed to.

It makes us realize that we'd much rather settle down on the couch with a bag of Popchips than with any of these guys.

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