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If adventure has a name, it must be Men in Black 3?

A new clip from the upcoming sequel has hit the Web courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, and judging by the chase scene that unfolds, there will be plenty of action to keep fans of the franchise happy—even if Will Smith's quips seem a little stale.

After their '60s Ford Falcon is crushed by a flying motorcycle, Agent J (Smith) and Agent K—Josh Brolin playing a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' character—trade in that classic vehicle with the click of a button for a pair of futuristic two-wheelers that appear from beneath their car's chassis.

"You have these in the future?" asks K regarding their new rides (which, by the way, appear suspiciously similar to this South Park parody of the Segway).

Making like Indiana Jones, our heroes hop on the hot rods and chase down the E.T. baddie to stop what Big Willie described as an alien invasion resulting in "the total destruction of earth."

It looks like J and K have their work cut out for them. Men in Black 3 hits theaters on May 25.

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