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Graduation is upon us Glee fans, and it's almost time to say goodbye.

While it's already been confirmed that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer, whose characters are graduating from high school on the Fox hit show's finale on May  22, will be returning in season four,  the fate of several other actors' futures on Glee still remain a mystery, including Dianna Agron, Harry Shum Jr. and Mark Salling.

We caught up with Jane Lynch last night at the TV Academy's event honoring Glee, where the funnylady may have accidentally revealed Dianna's exit from the show. So what did Jane have to say about her "emotional" scene with Dianna? Find out...

While talking about the "emotional" vibe on set leading up to graduation, Jane let slip that she filmed her last scene with Dianna, which felt like just as much as a goodbye to the actress as it was a goodbye to her character Quinn.

"It caught me by surprise. It was kind of emotional doing my last scene with Dianna, and it really just caught me by surprise at how moving it was. She is just amazing and just a really nice person too. It was like saying goodbye to Dianna, which is a sad thing to do."

If the finale does turn out to be Dianna's Glee goodbye, Jane says fans will be happy with the episode, which is dedicated to each and every graduating senior.

"Each kid that is graduating, each senior kind of gets their own little story. There is a Kurt (Colfer) story, there's a Rachel (Michele) story, there's a Finn (Monteith) story and a Quinn story, so all the seniors have a little bit of something special happening for each one of them in the episode," she teases. "Then of course there is the graduation. I haven't read that part yet because we haven't received it, so it's a surprise for us."

Lynch tells us creator Ryan Murphy hasn't shared any season four deets with her, saying, "He is keeping everything and I don't know how much he knows right now. Well, he hasn't told me anything, but I don't know if he has told anybody else!" She also adds, "No one has told me that I'm coming back!" Glee without Sue Sylvester? Now that's a show we don't want to "C"!

To hear more from Jane, like who she thinks Sue's baby daddy is, watch our interview with her above and stay tuned for more Glee scoop from the cast!

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