Snow White and the Huntsmen

"Do you hear that? It's the sound of lives lost and battles fought," coos the wickedly evil Charlize Theron.

Excuse us for getting ahead of ourselves, we thought by now everyone would have the trailer memorized for Snow White and the Huntsman, because the sneak peeks and flick pics just keep on coming (not that we're complaining)!

The latest? Three epically cool posters featuring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth plus a friggin' awesome clip of Thor himself getting his drunken Huntsman on.

Snow White and the Huntsmen

First let's talk the flick pics:

Three new character posters have popped up on the official SWATH Facebook page, and we're loving the new images of Snow White, the Evil Queen, and the hunky Huntsman getting into character.

Our favorite? Queen Charlize (sorry, Kris), who looks effortlessly spooky pulling off the half-crow-half-queen look. We love how the poster incorporates the creepy black crows that are featured throughout the trailer, and it's safe to say Charlize has never made bad look so damn good. And can we just take a minute to swoon over her stare—those jade-green eyes and smoky black makeup just scream Evil Queen.

Snow White and the Huntsmen

Then there's the hot-as-ever Chris Hemsworth, who's looking insanely sexy pulling off the hunky Huntsman look. We honestly can't think of a better set of biceps to swing that medieval ax. Hems just looks so deliciously manly in every shot we see. Forget Robert Pattinson (did we really just say that?!), we'd let Chris come to our rescue any day—K.Stew, you're one lucky gal.

And last but not least is Ms. Snow White herself, who looks totally badass and ready for battle in the latest shot. It's a tough call whether we prefer the vulnerable, pure K.Stew we've seen in a few Snow shots or this intense, rebel look, but either way, it's perfectly clear Kristen's 'bout to battle in the most epic way possible. We. Can't. Wait.

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But if the posters aren't enough to satisfy your SWATH appetite, then it's your lucky day—Universal released another behind-the-scenes clip featuring Chris Hemsworth in a drunken Huntsman state.

Kristen Stewart introduces the clip as "day 57" on the Snow White and the Huntsman set but reveals it's one of the first scenes in the movie. Chris talks about shooting the scenes where the Huntsman is a drunken fool, and it's too funny to watch the grizzly tough guy turn into a sloppy mess. Seriously, could he be any more perfect?!

Well, there ya have it, Awful readers—three new fabulous posters and a wickedly cool video. Here's hoping your SWATH-loving hearts are satisfied for the day! And keep checking back; we'll have some exclusive scoop coming soon!

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