Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown

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This morning, Bobby Brown took to the Today show to defend himself after months of endless accusations that he is responsible for Whitney Houston's death.

"I wasn't the one that got Whitney on drugs," Bobby insisted, while explaining that heavy drug use was a part of Whitney's life before they began their tumultuous 14-year marriage.  

But does the public buy Brown's latest claims that he's just a scapegoat we should all stop blaming?

It's a tough call, considering both sides—Team Houston and Team Brown—haven't exactly been forthcoming with the truth:

"He may be lying, but don't forget Whitney lied," revealed our source who knows both sides of the family.

Our source wouldn't elaborate what, exactly, Whitney lied about, but we're guessing it has something to do with her par-tick "lifestyle" that family members like Patricia Houston so adamantly disapproved of.

But despite the different versions from Team H and Team B, our insider did not jump on the Brown-bashing train the Houston family's been effortlessly cruising on.

What's more? This isn't the first insider who has claimed Whitney's death is not Bobby's fault. Back in February, a Houston pal fessed to us that Whitney made her own decisions and Bobby never forced her to do anything—a perception that Houston's family has, understandably, had trouble coming to terms with.

So while we let all of you speculate whether Bobby Brown's version is accurate, we think both Team Houston and Team Brown should move on to more important matters, like, say, Bobbi Kristina's well being.

Our final thoughts? Let's focus on the future and let Whitney finally rest in peace. After all, it's the very least the late diva deserves.

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