When you live your life as openly as Giuliana Rancic and her dashing hubby Bill, it's hard to keep secrets from your adoring audience.

But it's been so far, so good for the reality couple...or at least, it was.

That was before one of the Giuliana & Bill power duo and expectant parents slipped and revealed the sex of their baby-to-be! So which one spilled the beans? And more importantly, what did they say?!

"Here's the thing," Giuliana told E! News at the E! Upfronts Monday. "I don't know how long we're going to be able to keep it a secret, but it's like the only thing in our lives right now that's a secret. Everything else is out there for the world to see, so we're just seeing how long we can keep it a secret. It's fun having something between the two of us."

But is it a secret anymore? When asked which of them was most likely to spill, the answer was unanimous—and for good reason, as it turns out.

"Bill," Giuliana said in choosing which of them had the loosest lips.

"Probably me," Bill agreed. "I have slipped already, but no one picked up on it." But we can bet plenty of fans will be combing the archives now!

Still, nothing can spoil the joyfulness that's springing from these two.

"Oh my god, we're so excited. Obviously, we've been trying for a long time, as you know," Giuliana said. "We're so thrilled that it finally happened for us."

"We're ecstatic; we can't wait," Bill added. "It's good to be sharing good news for a change. We've had a long string of bad news."

Though nothing but good wishes.

For more from Giuliana and Bill and the rest of the stars at E!'s Upfronts, tune into E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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