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This news is absolutely nutty...and we love it.

Netflix is in early talks with CBS about bringing cult favorite Jericho, which was cancelled in 2008, back from the dead, TV Guide reports. And guess what?! The network is considering it!

This isn't the first gone-too-soon series Netflix has (at least attempted) to breathe new life into; the pay-streaming site is airing fan favorite Arrested Development's fourth season next year. It seems like TV underdogs may just have a new champion, so we decided compile a list in an attempt to help Netflix select their next show to save. Not for us, but for America.

So which ten shows would we most like to see come back from the dead? Find out...

Reaper: One of the smartest comedies to come to the CW in a long time, Reaper had a very fun concept and a totally endearing cast: Brett Harrison at his cute-slacker best, Tyler Labine as the best friend/comic relief, Missy Peregrym as the beautiful girl-next-door and of course Ray Wise as the charming Devil himself. It was kind of like Supernatural with a monster/demon of the week procedural aspect, but a lot goofier. Plus, Armie Hammer may be a big, big star now, but we'd love to see him reprise his role as the ridiculously handsome Devil's son.

Veronica Mars: A long time ago we used to be friends...and then you ended without wrapping anything up, leaving us to forever wonder if Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring) ever got back together, among about a million other things. We want—nay!—need answers!

Felicity: Because we could all use a little more Ben (Scott Speedman) and Noel (Scott Foley) in our lives, right?

Freaks and Geeks: Judd Apatow, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Busy Phillipps, Martin Starr...need we say more?

Pushing Daisies: Doesn't it suck when a show is too ahead of its time? Basically, it was the ultimate tragic fantasy love story and it was awesome.

Deadwood: Oh, you think Timothy Olyphant was badass on Justified? Then you clearly never watched this HBO drama from David Milch.

Alias: Confession: we just want J.J. Abrams to run all the shows. Is that too much to ask?

Drive: No, we're not ashamed to admit we were fans of the Death Race-esque drama, which followed coerced contestants on an illegal road race. Fox only aired four episodes of the Nathan Fillion-led show before sending it to the junkyard in the sky.

The Black Donnellys: Three words: Hot. Irish. Brothers! Don't worry, fellas, we've also got two words for you: Olivia Wilde!

Firefly: Curse you, Fox, and your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Joss Whedon's brilliant sci-fi Western never had a fighting chance—the network broadcast only 11 of its 14 first-season episodes, and aired them wildly out of order. Since Whedon designed the adventures of Captain Tightpants (Fillion) and his fellow Browncoats to last seven years, we'll take another six servings, please!

Which shows would you like to see resurrected? Sound off in the comments!

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