Taylor Swift


Dear Ted:
It seems like Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron have become BFFs. What's the scoop with these ladies? It seems weird that a famous country music diva would become close friends with an up-and-coming gorgeous Glee actress (and hopefully soon-to-be Hollywood star). Then, on top of it, those silly Tim Tebow triangle rumors. Is this a PR friendship or an actual one?

Dear Team Swagron:
Makes perfect sense to me, Cyndi! Both babes do the good-gal thing, and so of course they'll bond when it comes to taking on Hollywood. The headlines they get for doing their girlie-girl thing are just the cherry on top of their BFF sundae. And Tim is nothing but an added topic of conversation—he's hardly ruffling any feathers here. Rumor away, Timbo!

Dear Ted:
What's up with Adam Levine? I can't believe he called Jennifer Love Hewitt "aggressive." What century is he living in? Is he a Vicer? If so, is his holier-than-thou attitude what got him into the B.V. column?

Dear Massaging the Truth:
You have to read more than the headline, mama! That's how news gets twisted. Because while Adam did call J.Love's flirting "aggressive," he also said how lucky he was that a "beautiful woman" was making public passes at him. As for his Vice moniker, it's not really 'tude-related.

Dear Ted:
If a celebrity wanted to improve their image or gather more articles in the news by being seen with certain people, who actually arranges that? Does the star's agent or publicist? Also, how many "celeb friends" are actual friends, and who just wants to get written up about having lunch with so-and-so?

Dear Pay Per View:
Agents, publicists, managers—all those handy people celebs call their "team"—usually finalize all the nitty-gritty details when it comes to faking it for the paparazzi. But celebs certainly get in on the action too; lots of A-list "besties" know who they should be rubbing elbows with and when to get the maximum exposure.

Dear Ted:
Love your fab column, especially the Blind Vices. I think it's sad celebs feel they can't be themselves, but I have a question about Chuck Finger-Dingle. You said she was getting big studio movies, and I was wondering if they are movies for young people or adults?

Dear NC-B.V.:
It's all very adult fare, babe. Chuck likes doing the more risqué stuff in front of (and behind!) the cameras.

Dear Ted:
Keith Urban
seems like a really decent guy. "Humble," "down-to-earth" and "affable" are all adjectives frequently used by the press to describe him. So how can he tolerate—much less adore—that seeming cold-fish wife of his? I don't get it.

Dear Trout-tastic:
Haven't you ever heard that opposites attract, K? But, in all seriousness, marriage is all about the give and take. And in that regard Keith and his blushing bride, Nicole Kidman, are just like any other married couple. Things are different behind closed doors in ways you probably wouldn't expect. Also, Nicole can be enormously seductive and fun.

Dear Ted:
Would you consider Sally Pearlsmyth and Harriet Talons friends?

Dear Pearls Before Swine:
Not at all.

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