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Things are getting serious now. We're not kidding when we say a shadow assassin and a jaw-dropping death have been child's play compared with what's ahead in Game of Thrones.

We might be risking our heads on spike, but do you want to know some of our favorite moments from next Sunday's episode?

Fair warning: If you are hiding from even the vaguest of spoilers and avoiding the Game of Thrones wiki like the plague, do not enter:

Luck Runs Out: Arya (Maisie Williams) is really lucky that she's not living in an age of Facebook and photographs because she can easily disguise herself as an unknown cupbearer from the North and hide out under her enemies' noses. But what happens if someone who knows her shows up at Harrenhal? Basically, she is screwed.

New Friends: Fan of Downton Abbey? Sunday's episode features the second former Downton star to arrive in Westeros: Rose Leslie. She hands in her housemaid's uniform and dons furs as the wildling Ygritte. Let's just say that she and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) aren't the best of

Ask and Receive: Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) isn't exactly ready to give up her dream for a fleet of ships. While she doesn't want to sell herself into a marriage for the Iron Throne again, she does throw herself into the khalasar fundraising operation wholeheartedly. But does anyone in Qarth want to see the Mother of Dragons with a big ol' army? And who will pay for it?

The next episode of Game of Thrones is seriously crazy. And that's in a series which featured a shadow-baby birth in a cave. How will Arya get out of danger? Will Dany ever get her army? Has Jon Snow met his match? Battle it out in the comments.

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