The Comedian-in-Chief is at it again. And Hollywood can't get enough of President Barack Obama's comedy stylings.

The 2012 White House correspondents' dinner was held Saturday evening in Washington, DC., at the Washington Hilton Hotel, with 2,000 guests including everyone from George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Anne Curry and Barbara Walters to of course the Prez and a very chic looking First Lady Michelle Obama.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted evening included a jam-packed red carpet that welcomed tons of celebs, including Elle Macpherson, Josh Hutcherson, Ivanka Trump, Julie BowenEric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sofia Vergara, Mary J. Blige, Tim Daly, Susan Sarandon, David Arquette, John Legend and fiancée Chrissy Teigen, Diane KeatonEva Longoria, a chic-ly preggers Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, Zooey Deschanel, and many, many more.

Kardashian and momager Kris Jenner dined alongside a very glam LiLo and her lawyer Shawn Holley. A Stacy Kiebler-less Clooney, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning enjoyed the evening's cuisine near by. 

Kimmel, who was the chosen one to entertain the A-list and press-filled crowd for the evening following Obama's roast speech, joined the President and correspondents at the head table. 

As for how Kimmel felt taking on the roast/host role for the evening, the comedian told C-Span prior to the event: "Frank Sinatra hosted this thing…it really is an honor."

The President began his comedy routine this year not at the podium but offstage, in a stunt involving a backstage "open-mic" with Obama tossing out lines such as: "Why is she [Kim Kardashian] famous anyway?," "I'm like a five on the 'Just for Mens' scale," "I literally have no idea what I'm saying tonight," and "God forbid we keep Chuck Todd and the cast of Glee waiting."

One of Obama's best knee-slappers included referencing an important anniversary.

"Last year at this time, in fact on this very weekend, we finally delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious individuals." But instead of showing Osama Bin Laden, Obama flashed a photo of Donald Trump.

Obama also offered a playful jab at his Secretary of State: "Four years ago, I was locked in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton. Four years later, she won't stop drunk-texting me from Cartagena."

Of course he didn't spare his GOP adversary: "It's great to be here in the vast, magnificent Hilton ballroom," Obama said. "Or what Mitt Romney would call 'a little fixer upper.'"

When he was winding up, Obama noted that, "I have a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret Service home in time for their new curfew."

 As for Kimmel's jokes, the funnyman made some digs about Obama's appearance, "You're very lost so much weight we thought you were the guy who won the Boston marathon."

And Kimmel wasn't done with the weight jokes. "This is how you know things are bad," he said. "Our president is starving. North Korea is sending him food aid."

Speaking of skinny, Kimmel didn't fail to touch upon Michelle's interest in getting America healthier: "We used to march, now we occupy." 

And, of course, neither LiLo nor Kim K. were safe.

Kimmel requested of pilot Sully Sullenberger: "Sully, will you do us a favor? Will you drive Lindsay Lohan home? Just make sure you don't run into a goose, and make sure it isn't a grey goose."

And forget Osama, according to Kimmel, the next "biggest threat to America" is "sitting right there—Kim Kardashian."

Yet the best line of Kimmel's roast may have been saved for last, with a personal shout out to former teacher Mr. Mills, who said he would "never amount to anything," to which Kimmel declared: "Well, Mr. Mills, I'm about to high five the President of the United States."

(Originally published April, 28, 2012, at 9:48 PT)

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