Jessica Sanchez, American Idol


There's no question that American Idol's Jessica Sanchez is one of this season's breakout stars.

The 16-year-old vocal powerhouse has won over fans and the AI judges alike.

So why is one of music's biggest stars hoping that Sanchez actually gets voted off the show?!

Akon, who recently guest mentored on Idol, says Sanchez is by far his favorite contestant this season. "I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her," Akon told E! News at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami.

"She's beyond the talent that's supposed to be there," the R&B star gushed. "I think she's overqualified, I really do."

"And she's only 16," Akon continued. "Like, I've been around a lot of superstars. I haven't seen anyone at that age sing like that."

Sanchez was actually almost voted off the show two weeks ago but was saved by the judges, who decided to use their once-per-season save. "[People] naturally assume that she's been voted for because she's so good," Akon said. "So they chose to vote for someone else to kind of even the balance and she's not getting the votes."

Meanwhile, Akon explained recent reports that he once—get this!—hung up on Michael Jackson when he received a call from the late King of Pop.

"I straight hung up on him," he laughed. "I didn't believe him, was another attorney that was on the phone with Michael so I thought he was playing a practical joke on me."

Thankfully, Jackson called back with no hard feelings.

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