Snooki is inching ever closer to motherhood. But that's not close enough for this mama-to-be's anxious Jersey Shore costars.

"We're just dying for it to be here already!" JWoww told E! News at Thursday's MTV upfronts.

But probably not dying anymore than the expectant guidette herself, who opened up about her pregnancy amongst, perhaps, dropping a hint or two at whether she was having a boy or a girl…

"I'm good, I didn't really get sick at all, just a little tired, but other than that, I don't even feel like I'm pregnant," she told E! News, before pausing and adding, "I heard when you're very sick, it's a girl, I think."

So does that mean a little boy's on the way? Pauly D certainly would like to think so.

"I hope it's a boy," he said. "This is like all our babies, this is the first Jersey Shore baby! I want to get him deejaying already and everything."

As for JWoww, who's appearing in a new spinoff reality show with Snooki starting in June, she's not quite so biased.

"I don't care," she said when asked if she had a prediction or preference as to the sex of Snooki Jr. "The boy's gonna have a blowout, the girl's gonna have a pouf, and pink and leopard."

As for the 24-year-old firecracker, she still doesn't know what she's carrying.

"I'm finding out very soon, so I'm very excited to know if I'm having a little boy or a little girl," she said.

And while she's expanding at an ever more rapid rate, unlike some Hollywood starlets, she's hardly concerned about her new figure.

"It's not like I'm growing from doughnuts, I'm growing from the beautiful baby inside of me that's going to be my child," she explained. "I have a lot of pregnant friends and once you give birth, it all drops, like, right then and there, so I'm not worried about it."

And she's already got one post-baby plan in place: "I think I'm gonna breastfeed because it's the healthiest way to give nutrients to your baby."

Just keep the tyke away from the Ron-Ron juice.

—Reporting by James Chairman

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