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Listen, Forwood and Klaroline fans, we hear you.

That's why we've got some Vampire Diaries scoop regarding the show's other hot love triangle to share you with you. Also, we're hearing this Belle character is kind of popular on Once Upon a Time? We may or may not have included a tease about her return to the ABC hit series in today's edition of Spoiler Chat.

Plus, we've got scoop on whether or not Will and Alicia will finally get together on The Good Wife, if there's hope for 90210's Liam and Annie, and more, so what are you waiting for? Dig in...

Amykinz13: Please say there's more Klaroline goodness the rest of TVD's season!
Oh, you thought the Tyler-Caroline-Klaus love triangle ended last night? Silly, silly TV viewers! Executive producer Julie Plec says fans can expect "a wrinkle" in the love triangle "big time. Capital B, capital T, exclamation point." What kind of wrinkle? "I think in these last two episodes, if not next week's episode, we might see him take some action against Klaus and not follow his orders when it comes to Caroline," Michael Trevino teases, while Plec adds, "It gets messy."

GirlTalkTo: Any news on Belle and Gold on OUAT?
How is this for a tease? Belle, or her Storybrooke counterpart to be more precise, will share an important scene with another fan-favorite guest star. Speculate away!

Angela in Houston: I was so bummed there was no new HIMYM on Monday! Please gimme some scoop to get me through this week!
Um...well...OK! Now that Robin is kind of a big deal in NYC we've been wondering how our favorite news anchor is going to react to her newfound fame. Luckily the lovely Cobie Smulders gave us the dirt, "I think that she'll enjoy every minute of it, apparently she was on Letterman and she got to meet the mayor and she let it very much go to her head." Ruh-roh! Cobie explains, "That is something that she has wanted her entire career and then it's gone the next day...there's a bigger story like there is in news." At least she was legendary for a little bit, right?

KatieLord: Please can I have some Good Wife scoop? Will and Alicia dish?
We've got dish from Will himself, but you may not like it if you're on Team Willicia. (Does that nickname exist? If not, you're welcome!) Josh Charles tells us, "What we're seeing is a sort of deepening of the relationship as they become more friends. You see it touch on that in this really lovely scene between Will and Alicia toward the end of the finale." So no elevator sex then? No, Josh laughed: "It's a different kind of finale, certainly not as racy as last season!" Wah-wah.

Matt Lanter, 90210

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Buffy2405: Do you have any scoop abou 90120's Annie and Liam? Are they really over?
Sorry, 90210 has no plans to turn the Liam-Silver-Navid love triangle into a love square involving Annie by season's end, but that doesn't mean Liam and Annie are over for good. "I think there is always hope because this is what young people do, they find other people, but Liam and Annie had a pretty solid connection," Matt Lanter tells us. "When you have that, you can always come back to each other. I would never put that out of possibly happening."

AmyScofield: Will we get a season four of Make It or Break It?
Unfortunately, ABC Family has decided to quietly cancel the gymnastics drama. "We all love you so much. And we are, very sadly, three weeks away from the series finale of MIOBI," showrunner Holly Sorensen tweeted.

Deborah Ann Woll, True Blood

Jaimie Trueblood / HBO

MissAlesig: Some NCIS: L.A. scoop please?
Do you like Kensi and Deeks' sexual-tension-laced verbal sparring? Good, because in the big Hawaii Five-0 crossover episode Eric Christian Olsen promises "a couple great banter scenes" as well as some great stuff between Deeks and Danno.

Tbfansource: Anything about True Blood?
A professor, two rednecks and an Authority guard all walk into a bar. It may sound like the beginning of a joke, but the True Blood team is on the lookout for just those characters. We are most intrigued by the Authority guard who is sent to pick up a vampire's progeny and escort her someplace. Jessica in danger perhaps?

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse, Christina Dowling and Leanne Aguilera

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