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New leading lady. New villain. New wheels.

There have been but a few hints to the top-secret plot in the run-up to the July 20 release of The Dark Knight Rises. Now, we have some of our biggest clues yet to what's in store for the Caped Crusader in the final installment of the Christian Bale-fronted, Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat trilogy.

And it's all thanks to a sneak peek of Mattel's new line coming out in the next two months. And by the looks of these, the movie's shaping up to be a doozy. Here are five new toys that reveal key details from The Dark Knight Rises.

Warning, spoilers ahead...



1. Watch Out for the Cat! Mattel's Movie Masters Catwoman action figure ($15) offers us the most detailed look so far at the character played by Anne Hathaway in the movie. The body-hugging leather costume and killer stilettos reveals Nolan's intention to take Selina Kyle's alter ego back to her original cat burglar roots as seen in the comics. The question we want to know: Who's side is she on? Batman's or Bane's?

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Quicktek

2. Bane's a Pain: Batman's most formidable cinematic foe yet, an arch-terrorist who is more than a physical match for the Dark Knight, is depicted here in QuickTek form ($10). The technology allows Bane the ability to transform into an indestructible, fully armored baddie complete with an array of Batman-deterrent defenses and other specialized accessories. Maybe the legend really does end at the hands of this brute.

Tumbler Vehicle

3. A New Set of Wheels: The Hot Wheels RC Tumbler Vehicle ($25) is a new spin on Batman's tank-like Tumbler vehicle. Like its big-screen counterpart, the remote-control toy version features a camo paint job and can handle the mean streets of Gotham City...or your living room.

Quicktek Bat-Pod Blaster

4. Master Blaster: Holy firepower, Batman! Speaking of big wheels, the QuickTek Bat-Pod Blaster/Booster ($22) is the latest in Wayne Industry's transforming technology as it morphs from the Bat-Pod seen in the movie's most recent trailer into this massive villain-deterring machine (above), equipped with buzz-saw wheel protectors and a projectile-firing defense blaster. Looks like Batman needs all the heavy artillery he can get if he wants to make it through this movie.

The Bat

5. This Bat Can Fly! For those chase scenes that just can be done on the ground, The Bat flying vehicle ($32) is designed to keep the skies over Gotham City crime-free with its realistic battle sounds and firing projectiles. Batman can maneuver into strike mode with the push of a button and be launched up to 9 feet away to land the decisive blow. 

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