Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB/Greg Gorman

Dear Ted:
We all know that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a noted Vicer, but what about the rest of the Scoobies from Buffy?

Dear Vice Slayers:
Trust, Sarah's hardly the only Vicer in that group of fang bangers—though she's my favorite of the bunch. You do remember that David Boreanaz was on it at one point, right?! He was definitely sucking blood on screen and getting his B.V. on between takes. Then again, compared to some current CW shows, Buffy's practically spot-free!

Dear Ted:
I am so sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan She may have been a good actress when she was in her teens but now she's just a media train wreck! She needs to get serious about her career; there are tons of people with her amount of talent that wouldn't take it for granted like she has! She needs someone to tell it like it is!

Dear Rest Assured:
If Linds makes the slightest misstep these days, people are ready to speak up. And they will. Must admit: the fact that she drummed up so much rumored drama shooting a guest spot on Glee does not bode well for her first feature film in a while. Best of luck, Liz & Dick crew.

Dear Ted:
Watching American Idol a doubt crossed my mind: Did any of the winners, star in a Blind?

Dear Off Pitch:
Nope. If you're looking for Vices, start watching The Voice, M!

Dear Ted:
Are there any Vices/monikers on Once Upon a Time?
—Once Upon a Vice

Dear Fairy Tale Funk:
If you're like a lot of other sleuthing readers, you might be wondering about Jennifer Morrison. She's a popular guess for one Vice in par-tick: the devilish diva, Harriet Talons. But J.M. is not on the chopping block and she—and her costars—have kept their noses clean. For now. First comes an on-set romance and then the Pandora's Box is officially cracked open, right?!

Dear Ted:
Recently, you said The Vampire Diaries stars, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have similar Vices. So my question is does that include Paul's wife, Torrey DeVitto? Also any other hook-up on The Vampire Diaries? Thank you!

Dear Four is a Crowd:
Nope. The Vicing that earned them a moniker didn't include the Mrs. But that's just one Vice, the gang has partaken in some Twilight-light fare that Torrey has gotten involved in. Just haven't added it to the Vice annals.

Dear Ted:
Has Harriet Talons been involved in any other Vices?

Dear And How!
But a Vice by any other name would have been…revealed.

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