Jon Stewart Slams Obama's Slow-Jam Appearance With Jimmy Fallon: "You're the President!"

Daily Show host disses commander-in-chief's decidedly unpresidential comedy bit on late-night TV this week

By Gina Serpe Apr 26, 2012 5:35 PMTags

President Barack Obama's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this week was undeniably funny. But was it presidential?

Last night, Jon Stewart made crystal clear just where he fell on the issue.

Beginning with the following critique: "What the…?"

Stewart's problem wasn't that the commander-in-chief paid a visit to the late (late) night show as a guest, but rather that he joined in on one of Fallon's signature scored comedy bits.

"The president's slow-jamming the news on late-night?" he rhetorically asked on The Daily Show Wednesday night.

"Oh wait a minute, normally Brian Williams slow jams the news…Obama's running to replace Brian Williams. And Brian Williams wants my job…This has to end!" he said.

"Somebody's got to be an adult around here. Mr. President, you're the president, you don't have to do this s--t anymore."

Not all of it, no. But some of it.

"Although we'd obviously love to have you back on the show," Stewart added.

Er, we won't go setting our TiVos just yet. No wonder Fallon's always been more of a Stephen Colbert man.