Survivor Insider: Boo-Hoo! Blindsided Babe Cries All the Way Home

One World's final femmes fatale turn on one of their own

By Drusilla Moorhouse May 03, 2012 3:00 AMTags

Minutes before tonight's Survivor: One World unwitting castoff was voted out, she offered these famous last words:

"If it is going to be a blindside, it's going to be pretty funny and, like, exciting," she giggled smugly to host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. "Blindsides are always fun and exciting!"


Oops. Judging by her stunned silence and subsequent sobbing, the fun times were over for Kat "I'm 22 and a Little Naive" Endorsson after her ill-fated proclamation.

So how did it get to this point? What's the dizzle? Let's have Kat herself break it down!

"I've been wanting to hang out with these two girls for a very long time, just us…and alcohol. Margaritas! I'm about to get drunk!"
In tonight's Family Reunion Sponsored by Sprint episode, Kat, with the help of visiting cousin Robbie, nabbed her very first challenge win. The reward? A private feast with a family member. Of course, Jeff told her to ask two other Castaways and their family members to join her. Instead of sympathizing with Christina, whose father just had a kidney transplant, and Tarzan, whose age and "quantum entanglement" with his wife of 30 years tugged the heartstrings of his much younger tribemates, Kat picked BFFs Alicia and Kim—the very woman who rejected her for the last reward.

"I'll just eat my cake and get drunk and go back to camp and deal with it later."
Kat realizes her choice was not strategically sound, but homegirl just wants to have fun, yo! While Kim frets about once again having to do "major damage control" when they return to camp, Kat is practically doing body shots for the Sprint smartphone.

"To lose to someone who's 28 years old, six years older than me, how embarrassing is that?"
Pumped up by her recent victory, Kat outlasted almost everyone in the Immunity Challenge—except for Kim, the 28-year-old hag who earned a spot in the final six with her win.

"Sabrina has no idea her ass is on the line. That's why a blindside is so great. It's amazing how we control the show. This game is our game."
Sure, cocky Kat was dubbed an "ignorant nitwit" by one of her tribemates, but she's not the first Castaway harboring a false sense of security. And until Chelsea counseled her otherwise, Kim was gunning for Sabrina. But Kat's self-absorption blinds her to any hints that the tide has turned.

"It's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. It's very frustrating and it hurts my feelings because I don't want to see their faces be mad."
Narcissim, meet your new poster child. After the last reward, Kat was outraged that Kim snubbed her; tonight, she blamed the losers for making her feel bad.

"Is this whole Tribal Council about me? I had no idea this was going to happen."
Even as her tribe criticized her selfishness at Tribal Council, Kat remained oblivious that she, not Sabrina, had a target on her back.

"I left before Christina and Tarzan! Are you kidding? I'm so embarrassed."
After Jeff snuffed her torch, Kat wailed in humiliation—not that she'd been blindsided or blew her chance at a million bucks—but that she was booted before the tribe's outcasts.

Maybe it's all for the best. Kim predicted a tragic outcome should the latest castoff win: "Kat would be like, 'The million dollars ruined my life,'" she told Chelsea. "And after a year she doesn't know where she spent the money."

Margaritas and cake, maybe?

How does Kat rank among the Survivor: One World brain trust? Is "22 and naive" a fair defense?

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