Britney Spears: Jason Trawick Not Just Fiancé—Now He's Co-Conservator!

Judge signs off on fiancé's petition to be added to the mix as a personal co-conservator

By Natalie Finn, Baker Machado Apr 26, 2012 1:05 AMTags
Jason Trawick, Britney Spears Steve Granitz/WireImage

Britney Spears isn't exactly a slave 4 Jason Trawick now, but he does have more say in how things are done around the house.

A judge has approved Trawick's application to become one of his fiancée's co-conservators, a move that could possibly bring Spears closer to regaining control of her own affairs.

Jamie Spears is "thrilled" by the judge's decision, Jamie's attorney Geraldine Wyle told E! News after court Wednesday, adding that Britney is also free to sell the home she's long been trying to unload in Beverly Hills.

But does Trawick have the same say that Britney's dad has over her money?

Simply, no.

Trawick's role, pending a review hearing scheduled for July 25, will be limited to Britney's personal, day-to-day life, while Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallett hang onto the reins controlling the 30-year-old "Circus" singer's estate.

"This will be a process that has to play out and for the judge to consider," a source close to the situation told E! News.

Meanwhile, as for that home sale, Britney has an interested buyer, but the judge denied the sale "without prejudice." However, Jamie Spears' attorney told E! News that the singer could still sell it on without the judge's permission.

Neither Jamie nor Britney appeared in court today, but a clean-shaven Trawick did, clad in a gray pinstripe suit and blue striped tie. While L.A. Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz approved several different motions regarding the sealing of Britney's medical and legal records, the part of the hearing dealing with Trawick's co-conservatorship was closed off due to the discussion of Britney's medical history.

Elsewhere in the L.A. court system, a 12-day jury trial has been scheduled in the defamation, breach of contract and assault case filed by former Britney hanger-on Sam Lutfi against the pop star and her parents.