Lindsay Lohan, Elizabeth Taylor

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Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to give a whole new meaning to Method acting.

Gal doesn't start filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic until June 4, but it seems like LiLo's trying to get her Taylor 'tude on a few weeks early.

Although LiLo had no trouble explaining why she's "great" for the role last night, her latest Liz-like antics have us a tad bit worried there's drama in store for this film before Richard Burton's even cast.

So, what kind of trouble is the highly insured actress stirring up now?

Tardiness. Yep, Linds took a note from Liz Taylor's handbook when she supposedly showed up late to her gig on Glee this morning after a late night out.

And if we didn't know any better, we'd say Lindsay's trying for quite the Method acting approach—Elizabeth's as notorious as they come for being tardy—the Hollywood legend even requested that her funeral begin 15 minutes behind schedule.

But does this mean Lindsay's already back to her old ways before filming for the Lifetime flick has even begun?

Not exactly, at least according to her rep Steve Honig, who didn't exactly debunk the tardiness claims but insisted, "I am on the set with Lindsay right now, and everything is going well and on schedule."

Phew. So happy to hear—it's no secret we're rooting for Lindsay in this role (and on her Glee guest spot as well). But that hardly means the rumored scheduling hiccup leaves us feeling fully confident in Linds.

True, Elizabeth was indeed known for her extreme tardiness, but she was very firmly established when she adopted her fashionably late M.O. The Hollywood legend not only had two Oscars under her belt, but she also put in a lot of sweat in her 20s—a far cry from LiLo's somewhat, shall we say, entitled 'tude.

Now, this doesn't mean we've changed our opinion on Lindsay playing the Hollywood broad. Both Lindsay and Liz were childhood stars, have that F.U. 'tude down so damn well and know what it's like to be at the center of constant media scrutiny.

But dare we say Elizabeth had more of an excuse to make everyone wait, versus Lindsay, who has everything to prove?

Either way, we're just happy all's Glee-ful on set for now!

Here's hoping the Liz & Dick filming goes just as smoothly—without  a hint of Taylor's signature tardiness.

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