Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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Is Nikki Reed back to her old ways?

The vamptastic actress sent Twi-hards into a tizzy when she allegedly tweeted about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Coachella.

The tweet in question read: "Met a girl at #Coachella who asked me to give a letter to Rob. Um, I will if his bodyguards let me."

So could Niks (who's happily married to former American Idol contestant Paul McDonaldstill be jealous of the fave Twilight twosome?!

Hardly. At least, not on Twitter.

Although the widely circulated pic of a tweet appeared to be from Nikki's Twitter handle, @nikkireed_i_am, the actress quickly set the record straight—insisting (on Twitter, of course) she's not the gal who typed the virtual diss:

"I never tweeted that guys. Go to my twitter and whosay page to see my tweets. Anyone can write a tweet with my Twitter handle," Niks explained.

And for all of you mega-fans who are bound to say Reed's lying, it's actually quite easy to fake a tweet these days, no super photo shopping skills required (a la Rob's Cosmopolis poster).

Color us not surprised Ms. Reed's still working to shoot down rumors—her romantic involvement with Rob, who later became her former BFF's boytoy, didn't exactly make Reed the most popular gal on set.

But Nikki wants to prove she's so beyond the fiery Robsten-Reed feud, and even followed up with a few encouraging words of wisdom:

"I never write nasty things about people. Especially not my friends or co workers. That was clearly Photoshopped. Let's get it together and stop getting excited over negativity. Lets focus on the good and start spreading positive messages," she wrote.

Hey, we're all about the positive attitude, but let's not pretend like the vampires are all best buds—Ms. Reed was also at the Coachella Music Festival last weekend and was noticeably absent from her Twilight costars crew (shocker).

But, whatevs, Nikki's happily married and Robsten's still going strong!

Jeez, you never see this kind of drama from The Hunger Games set.

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