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Two hot hybrids fighting for her heart—just another day in the life of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)!

The Vampire Diaries fan favorite has found herself caught between boyfriend Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Original bad boy Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on the hit CW drama. And things will come to a deliciously dramatic head at the decade dance in this Thursday's episode when all three monsters are in the same tackily decorated high school gym at the same time.

We caught up with the lovely Candice to discuss what goes down at the dance, Caroline's loyalty for Tyler and why she thinks fans love "Klaroline." Plus, can she see a Caroline and Stefan (Paul Wesley) pairing ever happening on the show?!

Ever the cautious one when it comes to teases, Candice tells us, "Tyler does escort Caroline to the dance and Klaus also makes an appearance. We're going to see Caroline, Klaus and Tyler all in the same room and see what kind of tension builds within that trifecta."

Tell us something we don't know, sister!

So will we see the jealous sides of both hybrids come out at the decade dance? "It's safe to say that we will see both gentlemen one-up each other, but Caroline is very stuck on who she wants to be with," Accola says. "Caroline wants to be with Tyler." 

While viewers have been anxiously awaiting for the Tyler-Caroline-Klaus love triangle to come to a head, Candice says, "The viewers see it as a love triangle and it's definitely painted out to be [one], but from Caroline's perspective it is very much Caroline and Tyler against this very big obstacle who just won't back down."

At least Klaroline fans can take comfort in the whole "won't back down" part of that? What can we say, we're glass-half-full kind of people.

While Caroline may not be hopping on the Klaus bandwagon (right now, anyway!), Candice says she can understand why some TVD fans want the blond vampire to hook up with the Original hybrid. (Their sizzling onscreen chemistry doesn't hurt!)

"I can see why viewers really like the idea of Klaus showing his softer side, and I think it ties back to Caroline in the first season saying, 'Why don't the boys ever choose me? I try so hard!' And here finally, the boy chose her! It just so happens to be the mass-murdering, evil boy who is making an army of murderers! [Laughs.] Maybe not the ideal boy to have chasing after her, so I think it's pretty funny. The boy's got an accent, let's be honest. And he draws very pretty pictures of Caroline with a horse, so if that doesn't do it, I don't know what will!" Preach!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

To hear more from our interview with Candice, including the possibility of a Stefan/Caroline romance and why Caroline is a Stelena shipper, watch our interview with her above!

Who do you think Caroline should be with, Tyler or Klaus? Sound off in the comments!

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