Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis

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Dear Ted:
The first time I heard Ashton Kutcher interviewed was a radio interview when That 70's Show started. The DJ was ribbing him about making out with Mila Kunis after the cameras stopped, to which Kutcher responded something like: "Dude, she's 15! I can't do that!" Well, Mila isn't 15 anymore, and they did go away for the weekend together...what's up there?

Dear All Grown Up:
The former costars deny the romance rumors (of course), despite spending quite a bit of time together lately. A trip to Santa Barbara, sushi dinner and a rumored night in at Kutcher's pad. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But don't expect them to come out and admit it anytime soon. I have a feeling that Ashton is going to play very coy on his love life for a long time (after all that Demi Moore fallout) and Mila isn't in any rush to be locked down either.  

Dear Ted:
So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announce their engagement and Jennifer Aniston (whom I adore) is looking in Greece for a wedding venue? Is this a coincidence or a race to the altar?

Dear I Do Drama:
Of course these rumors would spark after Brad and Angie announce their engagement. Just another way to continue that tabloid love triangle...despite neither party playing a part in it anymore. Do I really have to say this is all just nonsense?

Dear Ted:
Why do you think Nickelodeon stars never get the treatment? And by treatment I mean, they have a hit TV show but they don't get the buzz. Disney stars are really winning the tween industry. Look at Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, Big Time Rush. There are hardly any articles about them on blogs or celeb websites. And also, at the Kids Choice Awards, they don't get the recognition they deserve. Yes they do win, but the lights are always on the Disney stars...It's so unfair.

Dear Survival of the Tabloids' fittest:
Let's not forget, the Kids Choice Awards is on Nickelodeon. So I doubt they're thrilled their stars aren't winning. That said, methinks Disney makes sure they get "the treatment." Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and the High School Musical alums, know how to make headlines. And when you're in the news, people pay attention.

Dear Ted:
I am by no means a fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. But I have to say that of all things to "call them out" on, it wouldn't be for marrying in spite of Brad's "I won't marry until we all can" comment. Don't you think that comment was rhetorical? It was making a point, not a promise.

Dear Actions Speak Louder Than Words:
But wouldn't he make a stronger statement by actually going through with it, especially since everyone is dying for T-town's "royal couple" to wed? But the two have used their celebrity to drum up attention for so many civil rights issues that I doubt a ring and a couple "I do's" will change that.

Dear Ted:
Why hasn't anyone suggested Ryan Gosling for Christian Grey. It's basically his whole look from Crazy, Stupid, Love mixed with a bit of a darker side! I am sold! You?

Dear Crazy, Intense, Sex:
I've been sold, B, but the issue is selling Gosling. Who would sooner appear in his own sex tape than join Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dear Ted:
Do you have Twitter?

Dear A Little Birdie Told Me:
Where the heck have you been?! Of course I do: @Ted_Casablanca.

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