Star Trek Cast, Alice Eve

Paramount Picture, Getty Images

Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana aren't the only ones loving the long hours filming the highly-anticipated Star Trek sequel.

Franchise newbie Alice Eve is right there with them...

"They're incredibly civilized, and I'm loving it so I'm so happy I couldn't be tired!" Eve gushed to us at last night's premiere of her new thriller The Raven in L.A.

While Eve remained tight-lipped on details (like everyone else!) she did say this. "It's a real ensemble and it's a real group effort. Everyone's very welcoming and generous."

Meanwhile, Eve, who you may remember from by her breasty role as Charlotte's nanny in Sex and the City 2, told us about filming a very scary scene for The Raven in which she's buried alive in a coffin.

"It was intense," she said. "You lose the oxygen when you get in there. It's pretty dirty. You just have to get a hippy vibe going and get comfortable with being dirty all day. The shower was definitely the best part of the day."

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