Jim and Pam, OMG!

The season premiere of The Office is all it's cracked up to be, and more...

By Kristin Dos Santos Sep 26, 2008 2:21 PMTags

There's not enough squee in the world. What a way to start off the fifth season of The Office.

If you haven't seen it yet, well, you missed out on an awesome chance to run around your living room squealing with happy TV-show joy. But if you have seen it, get in here...

Holy wow! What a kiss! When I saw Jim drop down on one knee from the camera across the road I was like, "Show, don't you dare shoot this wide! I. Need. Details." And thank you, show, you did not fail. They zoomed in for what I hereby declare one of the best TV proposals and best TV kisses ever. Pam said yes, and Jim laid one on her. Sigh. God, those two are the best.

In other Dunder Mifflin news:

  • TV Angela's a skanko, just like real Angela said! And while in theory I disapprove of cheating on your perfectly nice preppie Cornell fiancé, having Dwight on call for dirty hot monkey sex is just awesome. (P.S.: Spoiler Alert: I'm hearing Dwight will get increasingly jealous as the season goes on, and may even apply to Andy's alma mater...)
  • Dorky Holly and dorky Michael are perfect together, and the arrival of "clinically insane" Jan adds a nice jealousy twist to the burgeoning romance. But will they date or skip right to the storage-room sexual feelings?
  • Ryan is back—he's the new receptionist (told you the identity of the new receptionist was awesome)—and of all things, he's sucking up to Kelly? Now that's just odd.
  • Toby broke his neck in Costa Rica, and the poor guy has nothing but Entourage reruns to keep him company. Piven is pretty entertaining, it's true, but let's bring that boy home! (And something tells me he will be back...)

What did you guys think? Post your take in the comments while I replay the proposal scene on my TiVo about 350 times. What? I have a life. Well, sometimes...