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House fans, did last night's episode blow your mind? And by that we mean, did it make you want to throw your remote at the TV in sheer agony?!

For those of you who watched, we've got some insight from Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard about the plot twist. If you have yet to watch last night's episode, maybe wait a bit before diving in, because there are mad spoilers ahead. For the rest of you, we've got cool info on Dexter's return, plus scoop on Glee, Fringe, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat...

Jules: Wilson has cancer?! Noooo! Please tell me he doesn't die in the House finale! Please please please!
Wow, David Shore is really scaring the crap out of people with his finale title: "Everybody Dies." Add that to last night's reveal that House's best friend has cancer, and we're a mess! How about we let Robert Sean Leonard talk about his thoughts on Wilson in the final episodes? "I think this show has constantly surprised me," he tells us. "I don't think it's important what happens as how it happens. I think it will be abrupt because I keep reading scripts thinking, 'When is [Shore] going to start tying stuff up?' But he's not big on tying stuff up. I think the door's going to slam and that's going to be it." Um, that doesn't make us feel any better. Brace yourself, House fans. This could get messy.

Carrie: House finale scoop! They wouldn't really kill off House would they?
We wish we could tell you either way, but the bosses at House have muzzles on everyone from the cast to craft services so no spoilers leak, but we can let Hugh Laurie tell you something and you can take from it what you want. "[Shore] is very suspicious of the clichéd end of melodrama, I think," he tells us. "And he would go out of his way not to create some sort of false, very heightened ending in which things blow up and people get married or don't or whatever, in which everything is sort of resolved. Because life isn't like that. [The ending] may be tied up, but it'll more be stapled up. I don't think there'll be any bows." Things that make you go, "hmmm…"

AshleyCutbirth: Any scoop on Grey's Anatomy? What's to come for the rest of the season?
Only that every time a new episode description comes out we flail and then sit down to decipher each word very carefully. In the season's second to last episode the residents are deciding their future, but so is Mark Sloan. We can't take the pressure of these choices, but does "Mark admits to Derek that he is torn between his love for Lexie and the fact that Julia can give him everything he's ever wanted" sound like good news or bad news for Mark and Lexie fans? They are long-suffering when it comes to a reunion between those two.

FRINGE, Joshua Jackson

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BarstowFrank: Anything on Fringe? Please tell me it's coming back next year!!!
No word yet on a new-season pickup (we'd be happy if it continued until 2036), but star Joshua Jackson told us that "someone huge" is returning on the May 11 finale. Any guesses?

Luke: I'm dying without Dexter! Is there any scoop you can give me?
You are so in luck, because we just got our hands on the title of Dexter's season-seven premiere: "Are You….?" Decipher away! Oh, and one more thing. The premiere will flashback to Deb and Dexter's childhood.

NN234: On TVD, anything on the love triangle? Anything at all? I'll take anything!
Well, as you saw in last week's episode, Elena and Damon are just getting started with their, um, let's call it exploration of feelings. And Ian Somerhalder is girding himself for more backlash, since just one kiss launched a million fan wars on the Internet. "I think a lot of them were really excited and a lot of them were really angry," he tells us about Elena and Damon's make out session. "It was like a minefield, the Internet, the twitter-verse and everything. I think it became like a minefield. One kiss." What's going to happen if Elena chooses Damon in the finale? Play nice, TVD fans!

GLEE, Grant Gustin

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Danika in Hartford, Conn.: Do you know if Sebastian will be back on Glee before the end of this season? Will he be back at all?
Grant Gustin certainly is hoping to be back ASAP! When we asked him if we'll see him again his season, he either played dumb to avoid spoilers or he really doesn't know. "I'm not sure. They're starting to film their last episodes [this week]," he tells us. "But I'm looking forward to being back as soon as possible." And what of season four? "I'm not [confirmed]. Nothing is. They have a lot of other things to sort out out before I'm even considered being dealt with, which I completely understand," he laughs. "So, I'm waiting for that to happen. But I'm looking forward to being back and I want to be back." Start it trending on Twitter y'all: #BringBackSebastianPrettyPleaseWithaChocolateCoveredCherryOnTop

Amy: Got any more Once Upon a Time scoop?
We see a lot of magic on Once but the most powerful is true love. Consulting producer Jane Espensonexplains that the one person that Emma truly loves is Henry, so why in an upcoming episode might she be leaving Storybrooke and Henry behind? "It would take a lot to make her do that," Espenson explains. "The important thing to her in this town is Henry. If Emma decided to do anything drastic then it would be because she felt it was in Henry's best interests."

Tracey: Anything on George and Eden on Suburgatory?
George's relationship with Eden is hitting some snags, mostly due to meddling baby daddy, Noah. Noah goes to extreme lengths to protect his incubating fetus, but his methods are so extreme that it might send Eden fleeing back to Montana.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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