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Dear Ted:
With all the gorgeous guys in Magic Mike there have got to be a few Vices. Which guys are packin'…a Blind Vice?
—Amanda F.

Dear A Dollar Make Me Holler:
Puh-lease, Amanda, it's not only the dudes that have gotten in on the naughty Vice business. The ladies are equal opportunity B.V. stars! And while nothing terribly juicy went down while actually filming the flick (well, unless you count Alex Pettyfer possibly finding his future wife in costar Riley Keough), I count three Vice stars total.

Dear Ted:
Just saw the news story about Rihanna going on a date with a woman, complete with hand-holding and suggestive tweeting. Any chance you'll now come closer to revealing (or giving a few extra hints about) Rihanna's moniker? Much love to you and to your sweet pets, by the way!

Dear 1 Love:
Don't get it twisted, Em, Ri-Ri's date night wasn't a romantic affair (though the peekaboo tights might have made you think otherwise). It was with her BFF. And you know how Rihanna is—she loves stirring up trouble, which certainly explains the tweets.

Dear Ted:
What's with the rumors of Charlize Theron wanting to have Keanu Reeves as her baby's daddy? Allegedly Keanu has been visiting Charlize and her new baby, bringing toys, babysitting, building a crib and changing diapers. Now, I think somebody has been letting their imagination run wild, since as far as I know Keanu has been in China since December, filming his new movie, so he would have had no time to do all this. I thought she was dating Alexander Skarsgård at the moment?

Dear Snow White and the Many Men:
The Charlize-Keanu rumors aren't completely out of nowhere—the two have been linked in the past. But this go-round I would chalk it up to just that—rumors. Especially since things seem to be going well with Charlize and Alex so far. They're very suited for each other, you know.

Dear Ted:
Your recent mail about nice guys in Hollywood has me curious as to which side of the fence the lovely Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles sit on. I know you've said they have "notorious" Vicey monikers, but you've also said you love the boys despite their Vices. I'm guessing we're not talking douchebag levels of Vicey-ness here?

Dear Nice Guys Finish First:
Definitely both good boys, babe. One a little nice than the other, but I still love 'em both!

Dear Ted:
Please tell me that Harriet Talons is not Nina Dobrev. I absolutely adore her and would hate to think she isn't as lovable as Elena Gilbert.

Dear Unemployment Sucks:
Fine, Handy, I'll tell ya: Nina is not Harriet. Nina is a different Vice though, so start your sleuthing now!

Dear Ted:
Why is it that Kristen Stewart has to prove she has box-office pull equal to Twilight? I read that she needs to prove herself in On the Road, she did that in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. How many A-list and Oscars nominees/winners have that kind of B.O. pull? Don't say Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games is not about the actors.
—Chops Proven

Dear Stewing the Pot:
To be fair, the whole package of Twilight is what drew in the crowds—not exclusively K.Stew. So as much as I love the gal and think she's a top-notch actor, she does need to prove that she can open a movie without the Edward Cullen bells and whistles. But she's done a good job so far, and I don't see her having any problems booking gigs anytime soon.

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