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Is a Vampire Diaries star ready to step into the Red Room?

Ian Somerhalder chatted with E!'s own Ryan Seacrest this morning and the topic eventually turned to Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Ian has been a popular suggestion for the mysterious Christian Grey, Ryan asked if he'd be interested.

And Ian seems to be ready to drop trou and get it on right now:

"Oh goodness! Potentially," Ian revealed to Ryan when asked if he'd be interested in the part now that the sexy book is getting the big screen treatment. "I absolutely would be up for that... Absolutely. That would be a pretty incredible thing. And hopefully that could pan out, I think."

Well that makes it sound like more than simply rumblings on the Internet, Ian!

Though he might not know exactly what he's committing to.

"I have the book and I just started reading it," he confessed.

Which means he probably hasn't gotten to some of the more XXX-rated scenes yet. Ya know, the hump-happy (and then some!) stuff he would have to act out on the big screen. And yet, he seems to know that the franchise could be, uh, huge.

"How big could that be?" Ryan asked him. "That could be so big."

To which Ian laughed, "Are you making a joke? It could be amazing. It could be very, very amazing."

So how soon could Mr. Somerhalder be ditching his clothes (something he's never had a problem doing on the small screen) and getting his S&M on?

Ian joked, "Probably when Ryan picks up the phone and calls the studio and says, 'Hey listen, my buddy Ian and I were doing the show and we have decided that he'd be great."

Hey, we're totally on board with this casting choice. He's certainly got the smoldering vampire thing down, and we think that could easily be channeled into bad boy Christian.

So who would be his ideal Ana?

"I most likely would not," Ian admitted when asked if he'd have any say. But the idea of getting his pick of H'wood hotties left him simply flabbergasted: "My wheels, they're not turning they're spinning. There are so many phenomenal actors right now. Ya know what, I'm going to think about that."

We have a few ideas, Ian. Give us a call if you want to have a (clothing optional) brainstorming session!

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