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By Kristin Dos Santos Apr 23, 2012 1:00 PMTags

Make some room up in TV character heaven, Sheriff Graham, because one of your Once Upon a Time friends might be joining you by season's end! 

The ABC hit fantasy series isn't the only show possibly ramping up the death toll leading up to its season finale. The CW's 90210 will also be putting one of its major characters in danger!

Plus, will Karen and Derek hook up just in time for May sweeps on Smash? And what about New Girl's Nick and Jess? All that and more is answered in today's edition of Spoiler Chat, so what are you waiting for? Scoop yourself...

Billie in Wilmington, N.C.: Smash! I want Karen and Derek to stop ignoring their attraction to each other.
The name of the game with those two? Patience. Here's something to whet your Karen-Derek appetite. "I think that you'll find out whether there's anything or any sort of chance [for Karen and Derek] toward the end of the season," Katharine McPhee reveals to us, adding that she loves the Marilyn Monroe hallucinations he's been having. "You get to see Derek soften, whether it's Karen or Karen as Marilyn, it really softens him. I don't know if there are any more hallucinations, but he definitely can't get that image out of his head."

James: Can Ellis die a horrible death on Smash? He's the worst!
The good news? Pretty much everyone associated with Smash knows that viewers loathe scheming Ellis. "I am aware of everyone's hatred toward Ellis. Poor thing," McPhee laughs. The bad news? Again, we'll let McPhee tell you, so don't shoot us messengers! "I don't think Ellis is going away any time soon," she says mysteriously. Adds Megan Hilty: "Oh, just wait. You think you hate him now? Just wait." Curse you, Ellis!

Brooke in Chicago: There's a rumor that the cast recently filmed their season finale and it has an original song. You're my Glee scoop queen, Kristin...so true or false?
Well, seeing as Glee hasn't filmed the season finale yet, we're going to go with false on this one. Don't worry, we checked with Chris Colfer over the weekend, and he assured us they haven't started shooting the season-ender yet. Beware of those rumors you hear in the technology hallways, aka the Internet. However, if you check back later today, we've got some actual Glee scoop that'll make you wanna get up a dance with somebody.

Nelsonhere: Please, give me some good scoop on Once Upon a Time! Will we see Belle again?
Yes, you will. And here's even better scoop: Someone completely majorly shocking will die in the last three episodes of the season. It's the kind of death you can't imagine could possibly stick!

Michael Desmond/The CW

Greggyknows: I heard a rumor they are killing off Tristan Wilds (Dixon) in the season finale. Is it true?
I see a terrible car wreck in the future. And while it doesn't look good, my 90210 sources seem to think Dixon will somehow make it through. And learn how to wheel up a ramp with Artie. Wait, that last sentence was a different show.

Tom: Anymore Downton Abbey scoop? I'm a bit worried about my favorites upstairs and downstairs.
As you should be! We all know how heart wrenching Downton can be and star Elizabeth McGovern promises lots of tears but a lot of laughter to come. At least the Dowager's one-liners will comfort us as we sob hysterically during season three.


Helena: Please tell me there is hope for Nick and Jess on New Girl! Hands down, my favorite TV couple.
Then you are in luck! If...you're looking for a good cry.  Sources tell me Nick's going to get back together with Caroline and...wait for it...brace for the pain...Contemplates moving in with her, and...This one's going to sting...Decides to leave his apartment with Jess and the other roomies and move in with Caroline. Cue up Dirty Dancing and the Ben & Jerry's and we'll meet you on your couch.

Teka L.: Please tell me you have something the Secret Circle season finale?
We sincerely hope y'all or make that your favorite characters, are wearing their seatbelts because we're hearing there are some cars that are about to be crashed in Chance Harbor. Buckle up, kids!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker & Christina Dowling

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