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Where art thou, heartthrob Nelly Fang?

Hooking up with the most stunning partner in his fairly impressive past, that's what!

The fact that Nelly's currently smitten with golden celeb Queen Djibouti is such great news because…

As we all know, Nelly hasn't always made the wisest (or safest) romance choices in the past.

And besides, Nelly has such an impressive everything—face, career, personality, etc.—isn't it about time he settle down with somebody who's as beautifully put together, not to mentioned gifted, as he is? Totally!

Queen, who's not quite as romantically experimental as Nelly, is still probably a pretty perfect fit for her new man, as she's all about the work (just like Fang) and is totally easygoing in her private life. Which is probably why she used to date a guy just like Nelly, who also likes to do his own thing.

In other words, Fang and Queen's exes are probably each other's types! Or certainly were at one time.

But that's then. Now is all about Nelly and Queen slowly cementing their hotness for each other, which appears to be the real thing.

Kind of a shocker for Mr. Fang, who's not unused to the fake-partner P.R. thing.

We actually dig this new Nelly.

True love's always hot, right?

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