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There are lots of changes ahead for the doctors of Grey's Anatomy and this certainly felt like the beginning of the end for all our doctors under the same hospital roof.

How will Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) deal with a big move? And will Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) marital problems send them to opposite sides of the country? Find out what happened tonight and what's to come: 


Job Prospects: Cristina is back. She might be in the worst place ever with Owen after last week's sobfest, but her snark and supersharp one-liners have never been better. While all the top hospitals across the country beg and woo her, the other docs tread water waiting for offers. Jackson struggles to shed his family name and April is having a hard time with her grating enthusiastic personality. Alex is having a no luck getting any decent interviews outside of Toledo. Where is Toledo? But he realizes Arizona has been sabotaging his chances to leave. She's put a lot of work into him!

However, Meredith and Derek have evolved into such mature married couple and lovely parents. He's so supportive of anywhere she wants to go. Damn, that looks good on him. He's certainly earning his McDreamy title now. Maybe we are just attracted to loyal men?

Life Lost: Seattle Grace has had it's share of depressing medical cases, but tonight's was gutting. Switched at Birth star Vanessa Marano was phenomenal guest-starring as the kidnap victim. It was heartbreaking to hear her piece together her memories of abuse while in captivity. And if you weren't sad enough, we got to watch Dr. Webber's (James Pickens Jr.) own heart break into a billion pieces as his wife falls in love (and has sex with) another man. He had to make the awful decision to walk away from her, and we wanted to cry all over again. 

Up in the Air: We liked all the airport scenes in tonight's episode. It was like Grey's meets Up in the Air. But where is hot George Clooney getting sloshed at an airport bar when you need him?


"You're an acquired taste. Like blue cheese. Some people love it and some think it's stinky." —Arizona

"Personality? I'm asking for a job not a date to the prom!" —April

"Meredith's not like you, her personality doesn't suck."—Alex

"I hate musicals. I do like wine though." —Cristina


Board Distractions: Wow, who knew taking the board exams would lead to so much sex? Maybe it's all for stress release, but it certainly looks like April and Jackson will definitely be taking the next step. Hope this doesn't lead her to fail her board exams. But this isn't a horror movie, so losing one's virgin status shouldn't cost her her future. Or will it?

Awkward Party of Two: Cristina had a million offers that would take her clear across the country, and while Meredith and Derek were planning their move together, Cristina was clearly on a solo mission. What does this mean for Cristina and Owen's potential reunion? It could all depend on behind-the-scenes contract negotiations. Between board exams and potential job offers, the doctors who are staying in Seattle could be left up to signing on the dotted line.

Did you like tonight's Grey's on the road? Which doctor do you think might leave Seattle? Are Dr. Webber and Adele breaking your heart? Hit the comments!

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