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Dear Ted:
Just saw the Magic Mike's trailer. My first reactions, like about 80 percent of people, was what the ef was that? They promised us a funny stripper movie with hot naked man and they show us some lame rom-com with an unknown actress (who according to those who saw the screening has a very small role in the movie). And where is Matt Bomer?! This movie was earlier promoted quite heavily with his name and his hot body, but now there's not a single mention of him? Is the marketing team only ancient straight men who have not a single clue about what woman and gay men want? We want hot naked male bodies.

Dear Preaching to the Choir:
We just have to remind each other that there will be plenty of Bomer on the big screen. And knowing that is enough to tide us over until the end of June, right?! As for the love story business, it's clear that no one has been paying attention to the Fifty Shades of Grey headlines or they would have know that sex is really selling these days…and especially to women.

Dear Ted:
I completely agree that Hollywood should hire more female directors and they dropped the ball with Catching Fire by seemingly not even considering one. Get a clue, Hollywood! Between the two directors who Lionsgate actually seems to be looking at, I'd prefer Bennett Miller. Maybe he can wrangle in Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Plutarch Heavensbee since he likes to work with him. Wouldn't Hoffman be perfect?

Dear the Boys Club:
Hopefully The Powers That Be will call up Kathryn Bigelow now to reserve her for Mockingjay—or any of the other, equally as competent female directors. As for the next movie, I wouldn't mind Miller…as long as he keeps the energy up. Which is why I have to say no to PSH.

Dear Ted:
Re: Your five most anticipated babies: Poor Jessica Simpson should have been No. 1. She's been preggo forever. Disappointed you left the Stephen Moyer-Anna Paquin baby off the list though (Moyquin?). Very happy for the two of them.

Dear Bump Watch:
At this point, I feel the day Jess finally gives birth might be dubbed a national holiday! Can't wait to see that little gal though—you know with Ms. Simpson as a mama, she's going to be stylish. As for the True Blood baby, I'm equally as thrilled! Anna is going to make one fierce mama.

Dear Ted:
Every time I go back over the Harriet Talons B.V. all I can think about is Katherine Heigl if she were still on the boob tube. That said, would Ms. Talons have ever been caught dead hanging out with her? If not, maybe they have something like killer curves in common?

Dear Takes 'Tude to Tango:
Actually, I'm sure they've probably rubbed elbows a time or two. But their curves are nothing alike. Mostly because Harriet doesn't have any.

Dear Ted:
What are your thoughts on Garrett Hedlund or Chris Hemsworth to play Christian Grey? They both have that supersexy/powerful look, yet also that little-boy innocence as well. I could totally see them in the Red Room of Pain. Thoughts?

Dear Seeing Double:
For a second I thought you were going to suggest Garrett and Chris play Ana and Christian—now that I'd definitely tune in for. But I could totally see Chris as Christian (and so could casting directors). I just don't think he'd do it in a million years.

Dear Ted:
How about Michelle Williams for Grace Kelly? She would be perfect, don't you agree? But she probably won't do another icon again so soon. What do you think? My second choice is Emma Roberts. Blake Lively is just too...flavorless and utterly boring, to me. How come she's your first choice?

Dear Will the Real Grace Kelly Please Stand Up:
You're right on your latter assumption about Michelle, Snap, though she would be great. But I don't think you're giving Blake the benefit of the doubt—I'm certain she could really tap into this role.

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