Reunited and it feels so good!

Yes, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) fans, your time has finally come, as your favorite Vampire Diaries couple will finally be reunited when Tyler makes his long-awaited return to Mystic Falls.

We chatted with the lovely Candice about the couple's "steamy" reunion and the show's mysterious new big baddie, who may just give Klaus (Joseph Morgan) a run for his money in the evil department. We also weaseled some teases out of Candice about each of the remaining episodes of season three!

Plus, we played a little game of "Kiss, Marry, Kill" with Candice using Mystic Falls' hottest men (Stefan, Damon, Alaric, etc.) as her choices!

"I mean, if you've been gone in the woods trying to break a sire bond, you tell me how long your shirt will remain on when you get back into Mystic Falls to hang out with your girlfriend? Probably not very long," Candice teases of Caroline and Tyler's long-awaited reunion. "There is some shirtlessness. There is some steam. Michael Trevino might take his shirt off!" Sold!

Still, don't expect it all to be bare chests, puppies and rainbows for the young couple. "The Caroline and Tyler fans are going to be quite happy about their reunion, but how long do we ever stay really happy when it comes to the show The Vampire Diaries?" Candice says. "Tyler is very unaware that Klaus has been slowly infiltrating his way into Caroline's life little by little. In episodes to come, we're going to see the result of figuring out that."

Speaking of the evil hybrid, a new villain will emerge soon, and Candice admits she's shocked that the identity of Mystic Falls' latest baddie has yet to leak. "We do have a villain, and I'm so excited it's remained a secret this far. It's surprising because usually there's little blurbs out," she says. "We have a really good villain. He's mean, too!"

Aha! So the new villain is a male—at least that's a start! As for how this new baddie measures up to current villain-in-charge Klaus, Candice teases, "This villain could potentially have other tricks up their sleeve."

Going from one Original to another, Candice says she particularly enjoys the dynamic between Caroline and Rebekah (Claire Holt). "It becomes the battle of the blondes immediately, only she's way cooler because she has an accent, of course!" she says. "It's fun; I love the banter. I love that the things they are probably most annoyed about with each other are all the similar characteristics that both characters have."

Candice says fans can look forward to a shift in the two blonde vampires' dynamic in the last four episodes. "It's a nice transition between their dynamic throughout the finale. We'll see their dynamic be very volatile, and then we'll also see a mutual respect possibly come into play." Our new dream storyline for season four is totally Caroline and Rebekah running Mystic Falls High School together à la the Plastics in Mean Girls.

Finally, with only four episodes remaining in season three, we asked Candice to give us a little tease for each of TVD's final hours. Gird your loins, people!

"Heart of Darkness": "Shirtless Michael Trevino!"
"Do Not Go Gentle": "Stefan whips out some wicked dance moves. It's funny because Paul Wesley hates dancing and it takes him a minute to get into it, and that's the best part." When we brought up Paul's impressive dance skills in the cinematic masterpiece Roll Bounce, Candice admits she has yet to see it. "I need to!" she exclaims. Doesn't the entire world need to see it?
"Before Sunset": "Ouch! I'm not saying it's particular to Caroline. That could be many things! That could be the name of our new villain!"
"The Departed": "An excellent Leonardo DiCaprio movie! An emotional roller-coaster."

To hear more from Candice, including scoop on someone's upcoming death and three hilarious rounds of "Kiss, Marry, Kill," watch our interviews with The Vampire Diaries star above. And don't forget to check back with us next week for more TVD intel courtesy of Candice, including what's ahead for Klaus and Caroline!

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