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Dear Ted:
You frequently mention that Taylor Swift and Lily Collins are "good girls." What about the other side: Are there any Hollywood guys out there that you would classify as "good boys," or even better, "good men?" Thanks for the engrossing goss!

Dear Mr. Nice Guys:
Believe it or not, there are plenty of stand-up gentlemen! Perhaps you forgot about Ryan Gosling, aka the guy who breaks up fights and saves lives in New York. He's practically a real-life Superman, right? There's also Josh Hutcherson—who is totally as sweet as he is adorable. And now he's got the adorable adopted pooch to match!

Dear Ted:
I know you're saying here we go again, but why was Kristen Stewart not wearing the ring that Robert Pattinson gave her at the Stella McCartney event? You never see her without it. We've heard that they're still together, but is there trouble in paradise? Inquiring minds want to know!

Dear Ring Around the Robsten:
Don't worry, R.Pattz and K.Stew are still very much together. Rings are getting too much attention these days anyway (right, Miley Cyrus?). The fact that the very private twosome has been spending so much time together lately is more important to them than any jewelry.

Dear Ted:
You said Josh Hutcherson is too nice to ever date Miss Demi Lovato so I was just curious as to which Hollywood males are more up her alley?

Dear Too Much of a Good Thing:
Demi certainly has a varied taste in men—just look at her exes, which include the likes of Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama (who also just happen to be besties…coincidence?!). We think the perfect match for Demi would be a little older than her and a little edgier than Josh. Someone like Dave Franco! What do you think, readers? Any other ideas?

Dear Ted:
I just need to know what is up with Johnny Depp. He's everywhere but France, and in the video for Paul McCartney's "My Valentine," he looks empty. Is he OK? I love his work and hope things aren't as bad as they appear. Any inside info? Hugs to you and your furry pals from me and mine!

Dear Method Acting:
What are you talkin' about, L?! He was just rocking out with Marilyn Manson last week! If that's not complete and utter bliss, I don't know what is.

Dear Ted:
Any rumblings yet regarding Taylor Kitsch as Finnick in Catching Fire? Also, if for some reason he isn't cast as Finnick (or even if he is!) what are your thoughts on him playing Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey? I think he definitely has the heat and intensity to pull it off!

Dear Pitch for Kitsch:
Let's lock in Finnick first, fans. Because while he's certainly got the sex appeal to play Christian, I'd rather see him opposite Jennifer Lawrence in a film that's practically guaranteed to be a hit. As for whether the studio is interested, it's a total secret. But more on that soon.

Dear Ted:
Are Riley Keough and Alex Pettyfer trying to stir up interest in Magic Mike by "dating?"

Dear Work His Magic:
Not quite. A movie about male strippers kind of promotes itself. Alex is romantic and isn't afraid to rush into things, that's all.

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