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Something wicked this way comes for Dan and Blair!

Yes, Gossip Girl's newest relationship will be facing a threat soon, but is it her ex-boyfriend Chuck attempting to come in between them? That is the question. Plus, will the currently single Serena (or should we refer to her as Gossip Girl now?!) find love by the end of this season?

Aside from a Gossip Girl romance update, today's edition of Spoiler Chat has some juicy season-two intel on Homeland and scoop on Smash, Hart of Dixie, Community and more. Dig in...

HeartOfGlas007: Any Gossip Girl news, esp Chair or Dair related? Those pesky G.G. writers are being very tight-lipped…
How about a little bit of both? In a shocking twist, we have a bit of scoop that will probably do little to please either couple's fan bases! Shocking, we know. Something is going to try to come between Dan and Blair soon…but that something isn't Chuck, who's kind of busy dealing with his mama drama. It's also not Blair's desire to retain her Upper East Side status. Any guesses? 

Sooriclover: Any scoop on Dan andSerena? I'm hoping they get back together eventually.
Sorry, Dan is kind of sort of dating her BFF at the moment! But we can tell you that Serena will have a love interest before season's end. In fact, she may even have more than one! That's the Serena we all know and love!

Cameron in Sylmar, Calif.: Do you have anything to tide us over while we anxiously await Homeland's return?
Do we ever! A central storyline of Homeland's second season (premiering Sept. 30) involves the Middle East, with Carrie heading to Beirut for a sensitive, undercover mission. Not even ECT or a green pen shortage can stop this wonder woman for long! Meanwhile, Brody himself has a chilling encounter with a Middle Eastern woman, while his daughter, Dana, bonds over the political crisis with her outspoken classmate—who also happens to be the vice president's son. As Showtime teases in a new promo video, brace yourselves!

Justin Hartley, Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Doug Hyun /The CW

Andrea: LOVED Justin Hartley on Hart of Dixie! Any chance he'll be making another appearance?
Unfortunately, Jesse will not be turning up in Bluebell again this season, but creator Leila Gerstein says she'd love to have the Smallville alum back on the show in the future. "I'm a big fan," she gushes. Also: Justin Hartley + Wilson Bethel = TV's hottest brothers ever? Discuss!

Danny in Los Angeles: Got anything on Community's death that's been talked about for months now?
We bugged Yvette Nicole Brown for answers, but instead of straight-up asking her who dies on Community (that would've gotten us nothing), we asked her how fans would react to the death. She told us that viewers will be "shocked" by the death, but that they'll eventually recover. Basically, Greendale's campus will not fall apart without this character. Any guesses?

Lauren: Missing Switched at Birth on my TV screen! Have any scoop you can give me?
Have you thought to yourself: 'Self, I really think Switched at Birth needs a smoking-hot graffiti artist named Eddie to come on the show as a love interest for one of the ladies'? If you have, you clearly are a TV superhero, so high five! Now go use your powers for good, not evil and all that junk.

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Hailey: Dying for Smash spoilers!
Well, gird your loins, because you're about to live for this bit of scoop we got from Katharine McPhee. She told us to enjoy the Karen and Ivy friendship while it lasts, because something happens in the finale that will lead to them ending their friendship…possibly forever.

Timothy: Anything on the new season Wilfred? I miss that crazy dog.
Our impatience for the new season has been slightly abated by FX's release of some hilarious new promos. But even better we have some intel that while Wilfred (Jason Gann) lost something important during the last season's accident, it's not all bad news because the Wilfred-Ryan dysfunctional bromance will be back together soon. We can't wait to see what types of shenanigans they get into in season two.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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