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Dear Ted:
Smooches from my calico, Sadie Belle. You said that Harriet Talons was on a show that fostered a lot of water cooler talk. My question is if her show is relatively new (less than 2 seasons), or if it's a long-running affair. And do we ever actually see Harriet sitting at a desk on TV?

Dear Sink Your Teeth In:
Harriet and her series are well established—so to answer your question specifically, yes, there are more than two seasons. The first season was definitely the best though, at least in my humble opinion—though surely you'd agree. As for your second question, very rarely…but she has before, yes.

Dear Ted:
So Dianna Agron is Debbie Doobie? I hope not!

Dear Doobious Dianna:
You know what they say about assuming, right?! Not sure why you've pegged one of my fave Gleeks as our troublesome T-town minx, but Dianna is not Debbie.

Dear Ted:
Long time reader, first time emailer! Kristen Stewart won't do Fifty Shades of Grey, but how about Anna Kendrick for a Twilight connection? She's a great actress and could totally pull off the virginal Ana! Love you, Ted!

Dear Anna 4 Ana:
Hmm, it's not exactly Ms. Kendrick's usual big screen fare...but if Justin Bieber taught us anything it's never say never, right? I can't quite see Anna getting her sexy on for Fifty Shades but the Twilight gang likes to surprise.

Dear Ted:
Does Vanessa Hudgens have a moniker? Obviously you're not going to say who, but maybe a hint if she has one? And what's up with her and boyfriend Austin Butler. Is their relationship as PR as it seems?

Dear V for Vice:
She's been a costar, of sorts, but she hasn't scored a moniker yet—which is actually pretty surprising. But I can't quite see her scoring a Vice with her latest BF. It's certainly not PR—who would it help?—but it's not too shocking either.

Dear Ted:
How is Coco Crack-Head doing? Still hitting up those pizzerias, or has she toned down her Vicing in the past year? Is her career still going strong?

Dear Extra Cheese:
Let's just say Coco isn't quite as stupid about her powdery pit stops anymore. And, to answer your second Q, it's because her career is as red hot as ever and she doesn't want to put that whopping paycheck in jeopardy.

Dear Ted:
Are Dashed-Dingle Dream and Judas Jack-Off still working together on the same show?

Dear Nope:
Which you'd think would make it easier for Dashed to move on. You'd think.

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