Break out your red Sharpies: Revenge is back! Finally!

It's been a long and cold seven-week hiatus for fans of the ABC hit drama (including us!), but we persevered and made it through these dark days. As a reward, we're being treated to an all-new episode of Revenge tonight, and it's safe to say Emily (Emily VanCamp) & Co. haven't gotten any less dramatic (or delicious) since we last saw them way back in February.

In case your memory is a little foggy, we've put together a handy-dandy cheat sheet. Plus, we've got scoop from creator Mike Kelley and the cast on what to expect from the rest of the season!

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Emily VanCamp, Revenge

Vivian Zink/ABC

Emily Thorne (VanCamp): Oh, Emily. We're pretty sure you never intended for things to get this, well, twisted, when you decided to get your revenge on at the Hamptons. Last we saw, Emily had, for the first time, completely lost her cool as mentor Takeda set her fiancé Daniel up to take the fall for Tyler's murder. The only way she can save Daniel? By throwing her childhood love Jack under the Grayson bus.

Fans can definitely expect to see the love triangle heat up, Kelley tells us: "The reason that we exited Amanda (Margarite Levieva) is in service of the triangle." VanCamp takes it even one step further, teasing, "Something happens in a few episodes that really changes Emily's mind. Her mind is changed almost permanently, I would imagine, from a decision that is made by one of these characters…I think the audience might change their minds a little bit as well."

Josh Bowman, Revenge

Vivian Zink/ABC

Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman): See that face in the picture above? It's currently sitting (very) pretty in jail for the murder of Tyler. Yeah, he's totally screwed, especially considering that the pro-Occupy Wall Street judge denied bail and is using Daniel to set an example. When we chatted with Mike Kelley, he told us we'll be seeing "a much darker side" of the Grayson golden boy very soon. But don't worry, Daniel fans! Bowman says, "There may be some redemption for Daniel at the end of the season."

"We resolve that way before we get to the end of the season and where this is really driving is toward...oh boy, I always struggle with what to give away," Kelley says of the murder trial.

"It's all heading toward the larger reason that Emily came back to the Hamptons. We're getting away from the murder on the beach and by the time we get to the end of the season we're going to be in the larger mythology."

Nick Wechsler, Revenge


Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler): Look up "fool for love" in the dictionary and we guarantee you'll find a picture of Jack. The bartender left a trail of DNA at the crime scene after telling Amanda (Levieva) to run when he stumbled upon her with the gun. Now that Amanda has gone MIA, Jack is determined to find her while the Graysons are determined to pin Tyler's murder on him. Their key witness? His brother Declan (Connor Paolo)! "You won't learn exactly what happens to Amanda until the end of the season," Kelley teases.

"He's pretty screwed," Kelley says of Jack. "Don't worry. He'll have Emily on his side. You'll want Emily on your side when you're screwed."

Madeleine Stowe, Revenge


Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe): Is the Hamptons' resident Ice Queen starting to thaw? Not a chance! Desperate to get her son out of jail, Victoria will go to some pretty drastic lengths to secure Daniel's long-term safety. As for her estranged husband, Conrad (Henry Czerny), Victoria was seen holding an SEC card, ready to use it if necessary to report some illicit business activity. Fans can also look forward to the debut of a new love interest, played by James Purefoy, to shed some light on Victoria's past.

Of Victoria's upcoming bad behavior, Stowe says, "I'm going to do something pretty shocking to help my son Daniel that is so morally objectionable, the audience will really have to stop and think about it and struggle with it...I can tell you that I will do anything, and I do mean anything, for my son." Yikes!

Gabriel Mann, Revenge


Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann): The double polo wearin', witty one-liner wieldin' billionaire is finally back in our lives! Wheeee! Too bad Emily's revenge sidekick isn't exactly on her good side after learning he was working with Takeda behind her back. He also tried, yet again, to protect Jack by telling him to get the hell out of Dodge, but was, yet again, unsuccessful.

As for what's coming up between partners-in-crime Nolan and Emily, Kelley says, "We're going to get into that sort of family feeling between the two of them. They're kind of a weird brother-sister to me and that is by design. David Clarke was his father figure really."



Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen): Homegirl is a bit of a mess and by bit of a mess we mean a total mess. After learning that David Clarke (Emily's father who was sent to prison by the Graysons and labeled a terrorist in the process) is her real father, Charlotte turned to pills to help her cope. Boyfriend Declan tried to help, but what does a 17-year-old kid really know about addiction? Expect the young couple to head off to prep school together...and most likely Splitsville after Declan's testimony in the murder trial.

Revenge returns tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Are you excited for Revenge's return? What do you think will happen to Daniel and Jack? Sound off in the comments!

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