Bar Refaeli, Jennifer Hudson

Jackie Yaacov / Splash News; SWAP / Splash News

Flying is a hassle, even when you're a celebrity.

Just ask Jennifer Hudson and Bar Refaeli, who both encountered some drama as they passed through airport security this week.

Hudson, 30, got a thorough pat-down from a TSA agent in Los Angeles, and proceeded to scrunch up her face and stick out her tongue as the female agent carried out her inspection. Yeah, not fun for anyone!

Leonardo DiCaprio's model ex-girlfriend, meanwhile, felt her pat-down was a bit too hands-on.

"I got a security 'patdown' by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences," the 26-year-old tweeted Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, Refaeli tweeted pictures of herself out and about in London, although she didn't specify if her too-close-for-comfort pat-down occurred at Heathrow Airport.

Of course, Hudson and Refaeli aren't the only stars to be less than thrilled with airport security. Last year, Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke complained about her pat-down on Twitter. "I think I might have just gotten fingered by a tsa agent!!" she wrote—and then later deleted.

Whatever happened to flying the friendly skies?

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