Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth Shine in New Snow White and the Huntsman Photos!

SWATH cast reveals epic action shots prior to the June 1 release

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Apr 17, 2012 8:33 PMTags
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Holy Snow White and the Huntsman!

We could not be more excited about the release of this epic fairy tale (only 45 more days!), and new pics have hit the Web featuring an ever-so-fair Kristen Stewart, a chilling Charlize Theron and a to-die-for sexy Chris Hemsworth.

Seriously, could this cast get any more perfect?!

We think not. And we're anxiously awaiting this killer trifecta's debut on the big screen.

In our last look at the impressive flick pics, we got some spooky close-ups of Charlize, a shot of Chris and the adorable dwarves and our first close-up look of K.Stew rocking those lips red as blood.

But these latest shots reveal a lot more action. Our faves?

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Obviously the shot of Kris riding horses in full medieval armor, ready to take down the deliciously evil queen. For someone so scared of horses, she sure looks fearless, don't you agree?

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And then there's a shot of Queen Charlize addressing her court in a wickedly cool gold gown with cage shoulder pads like we've never seen before.

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But we can't forget to mention the Huntsman himself, who is just too friggin' hot. Seriously, we're swooning over Chris' manliness with that scruffed-up face and those bulging biceps ready to kick some serious ass. Just peep the badass trailer if you forgot.

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And last but not least? Miss Kristen Stewart, of course, and we die for the shot of K.Stew peering through the castle door. She has such an innocent, terrified look on her face, but we all know she's about to flip into full-on fighting mode and reveal that rebel spirit we love.

Another aspect we adore about this cast?

They're all so friggin' close! Charlize and Kristen regularly gush over working together, and the Queen and Huntsman even made happy-birthday videos on YouTube for K.Stew's 22nd.

There's no denying we're anxiously awaiting this epic release and officially have begun counting down the days.  

Here's hoping the time flies by fast—waiting for this movie is the cause of our despair.

Check out the SWATH gallery for even more flick pics and few behind-the-scenes shots you don't want to miss!