Thought you'd heard everything there is to hear about the highly-anticipated Avengers flick out next month? Well, think again! E! News caught up the film's stars and we got the superheroes to dish on even more of their behind-the-scenes action.

Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo sat down and gabbed about everything from skintight leotards to roaring to potential Iron Man-Hulk movie mashups...


"I didn't feel like a big superhero when I was in my Chinese-checker motif leotard [for special effects]," explains Ruffalo. But it sounds like his costars were mighty impressed.

"You wore it well," compliments Downey.

And will fans get to see Ruffalo in his own Hulk movie? Might Bruce Banner make an appearance in future Iron Man flicks?

"My answer to all of these is yes," jokes a hopeful Downey. "I think we'd be a great team. I think the audiences really enjoy Tony and Bruce together."

From your lips, to Thor's ears, RDJ.

Speaking of that hammer-wielding fellow, E! News also got Chris Hemsworth to team up with Chris Evans (aka Captain America) to share some on-set secrets. Did everyone get along? Was Scarlett Johansson able to hold her own among the supersize boys club? 

"It's like being a big kid," enthuses Hemsworth about all the fun the stars had while filming. "The costumes and the fight scenes and the special effects and hanging out with this team is pretty damn exciting."

So do we need to feel for poor Scarlett, who plays Black Widow, the lone female Avenger?

"Please. Poor Scarlett?" Hemworth jokes.

"Poor, my ass," Evans laughs.

"She'd run that show,"  Hemsworth continues. "She kept us all in line."

"She was in charge," affirms Evans.

Well, we guess we know which Avenger we really shouldn't cross!

Are you excited for The Avengers? Which superhero is your favorite? Hit the comments and let us know!

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