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Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

Vanessa Lachey has a good reason to go even greener than she already is.

If you haven't heard, she and hubby Nick Lachey are expecting their very first child together...

"I definitely want to safeguard the future for my baby," Lachey told us while promoting P&G's new Tide Coldwater detergent. "I want to be health conscious for the baby. I'm learning about BPA friendly bottles. A couple have been sent to me and it's great to understand that when plastics are heated, all the toxins [come out]."

She continued, "And even food. Things that are pumped with hormones. You actually, physically see the changes in a 13-year-old girl that was eating hormone food and a 13-year-old girl that was eating organic."

Lachey is also encouraging everyone to save energy by only using cold water in their washing machines.

"We use 80 percent of our household energy to heat water," she said. "By saving energy, you're saving money, who doesn't want that? And lastly, you're doing something good for the environment, so it's a one, two, three punch."

Just how much energy can we save? "If everybody in the U.S. just did laundry with cold water for one year, it could power the city of New York's lights for 71 years," she said. "Just by washing with cold water, saving that energy, you can then power your iPhone over 30,000 times. It's crazy."

Now that's a reason to go green!

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