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Aside from the obvious "When?!" we know you have other questions about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's wedding plans.

Though the details of their "promise for the future" remain as mysterious as the bride-to-be's smoldering gaze, we've still dug up plenty of info about the pending Jolie-Pitt nuptials.

First off, who's going to design what will be the most-talked-about item of clothing since Kate Middleton became a duchess?

Aka, Jolie's wedding dress.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, Europe's largest betting company, puts longtime Jolie go-to Versace in the lead with 5-2 odds. (Which, of course, begs the question: Can you sew a thigh-high slit into a bridal gown?)

"There is little doubt that the Brad and Angelina wedding will be the showbiz story of the year," a Paddy spokesman said. "With both the media and the public already speculating on every element of the wedding, we thought it was only fair that we offered our customers the chance to bet on it."

Of course!

Nipping at Versace's spike heels are Max Azria, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab and British brand Amanda Wakeley. Royal wedding standout Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is a ways back at 25-1.

Also worthwhile bets at the moment are Jolie wearing her hair up with flowers, Pitt wearing a navy blue tie and sporting "designer stubble," and the couple tying the knot in France and honeymooning in Italy.

And, if you have money to burn, odds stand at 3-1 that Jennifer Aniston will attend.

Speaking of France, where the couple live part-time at the 1,000-acre Château Miraval in Aix-en-Provence, what if the couple do decide to swap vows there? As American citizens, will they have to go through the process in the U.S. as well in order for it to be legal?

"Usually when people get married overseas, if they don't meet the residency requirements of that country, what they do is they have a ceremony over there but actually get their marriage licence over here and they get married over here," family law attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer tells E! News. "So, they could have two marriages."

As did Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming, who had a ceremony on Turks & Caicos and then made things legal in California, and Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, who had a legally required civil ceremony in Paris before their blowout wedding in the countryside.

Also to have a legal marriage in France, a couple must provide blood tests for the necessary documentation and live in the country for a minimum of four weeks beforehand. Sounds doable for Pitt and Jolie!

E! News has learned that there has been ongoing construction at Château Miraval, where they always planned to get married.

"The workers on their estate here have been buzzing about it for ages," a source says. (Pitt's rep, in saying that the couple had not yet set a date, also kept mum on location possibilities.)

But even before the couple get a marriage license and actually tie the knot, legally or otherwise, there's the matter of that other batch of paperwork celebs and other high-earning folks are quite familiar with—the prenuptial agreement.

"They will have a prenup, there is no question in my mind," Meyer says, referring to Jolie and Pitt. According to Forbes, Jolie's net worth has been estimated at $120 million, and Pitt's at $150 million.

"There are lots and lots of complexities as to why they will have a prenup—especially with the kind of money that they make—when they have children and when they have multiple residences," Meyer adds.

"It is so important because this is a new stage in their relationship—they've never been married, only cohabited. I think it is critical when you have that amount of assets to have a prenuptial agreement before you get married, that way you have a clear understanding of what is yours and what is the other person's." 

But mainly, we'll keep you posted on the dress.

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker and Kelsey Osborne

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