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Why do we bother getting close with anyone on The Vampire Diaries anymore? They just get taken away from us!

And with a decade dance and the finale coming up on TVD, you know something big is going to happen to someone we love, and we are just not prepared for it. We've got spoilers on that, plus some a Wemma update for you Glee fans. All that and scoop on Game of Thrones, New Girl, White Collar and more in today's helping of Spoiler Chat…

BridgetteNELL: Can you tell us anything about why Elena is crying on Stefan's shoulder in photos from the decade dance episode?
I don't know, but this show's Decade Dances tend to have a high mortality rate! 

Michelle S.: Vampire Diaries! I need to know if my favorite girl Caroline is going to make it to season four.
"I can't tell you!" Candice Accola told us when we bugged her with that very same question. "[Filming] ended with a very big bang so I think all of the viewer should be very excited for the finale this year." A "bang," you say? Interesting choice of words, Ms. Accola. Fireworks? Gunshots? Explosions? Fireworks that shoots bullets as the vampires explode? The possibilities are endless.

Tanya: New Girl! Will Cece and Schdmit get through the pregnancy scare?
According to Max Greenfield…maybe? "We go a little deeper into the relationship," he tells us. "Things get dicey, and we'll see what happens in the finale." We don't like the use of the word "dicey," but we were comforted by Max telling us that there is no other love interest planned for Schmidt this season. "No, but maybe next year. Maybe we can steal Lena Dunham from her show." New Girls? We'll take it.

Glee, Matthew Morrison, Jayma Mays

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Gena: Any Wemma scoop? #Glee
Those two love-birds have certainly been on the backburner, haven't they? Don't worry, Glee has not forgotten about Will (Matthew Morrisson) and Emma (Jayma Mays). And they also haven't forgotten that Wemma is getting married. They still have to plan a wedding, ya know!

@mindonlost: What do you have on Ayra and Gendry or cutie Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?
How do we put this in a way that won't make you freak out for the next week? Hmm, we dont think there is one so we'll give it to you straight. Arya (Maisie Williams) and Gendry (Joe Dempsie) are in imminent danger. Gendry in particular will cross paths with someone who has a disgusting and horrifying way of getting answers. Let's just say this particular method of gaining information isn't in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Bob in San Antonio: Eureka is finally back! Any scoop on the last season?
Brace yourselves, Eureka fans, because dastardly showrunner Jaime Paglia is introducing another series reset in tonight's season-five premiere.  Our Titan astronauts return home to find everything upside-town, and we mean everything—all thanks to the evil machinations of Eureka's all-time biggest bad. And things are going to get much worse before they get better…

White Collar, Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay

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Ann in Orlando, Fla.: I'll take anything you got on White Collar
Prepare for Bond…James Bond on White Collar! OK, we're lying but it was the perfect setup for this casting scoop: White Collar is looking for a recurring guest star that they describe as a handsome and debonair undercover cop, or "an American James Bond." Put him in all the scenes with Matt Bomer and we'll be just fine.

Kurt: Anything on the Parks and Rec campaign?
Leslie's campaign race takes quite a hit in "Bus Tour" because she inadvertently brings her ginormous campaign bus to the most inappropriate place ever: a memorial service. Oh, did we forget to mention that Pawnee will be rocked by a death?! Yeah, that's happening. Don't worry, Ron Swanson is safe. And that's all that matters.

Chris: I know the season just ended, but Justified spoilers?
It's never too soon to talk about one of our favorite shows, especially when there is crossover potential. Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet might be coming to Justified next season in a guest role that he's been wanting since day one!  "[Executive producer Graham Yost and I] tried to work something out last season and we couldn't do it, and the season before that actually, and we couldn't do it. So hopefully one day we will meet and find a role for me on the show," Stonestreet says. "I love it and Timothy [Olyphant], he's an awesome actor. I would love to share the screen with him some point." After his creepy turn on American Horror Story, we could definitely see Eric as a trouble-maker on Justified.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse, and Christina Dowling

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