Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Client List


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Jennifer Love Hewitt sure does like showing off those ta-tas to pimp out her new show The Client List, doesn't she?

The 33-year-old made headlines when news broke that an ad for her show had been altered in photoshop to reduce her natural breast size—what a nice problem to have! There were also some pesky rumors floating around that J.Love was going to be eHarmony's new spokeswoman...Guess who had something to say about that one?

"Jennifer's always giving out all this 'dating advice,'" Joan Rivers joked. "Yet, she's been dropped more times than my cell service."

Want more? You're in luck! Because Joan had cracks on Zac Efron's crotch grab, Claire Danes art project, as well as Amanda Bynes' jail outfit and more!

Click to see all of Joan's jokes that didn't make it on air in our sassy sartorial photo gallery.

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