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Raising eight kids doesn't come cheap, and Kate Gosselin is legally entitled to some financial help from Jon Gosselin.

Unfortunately, Jon has apparently fallen behind on his child support payments. According to records listed on the Pennsylvania Department of Child Welfare's website obtained by E! News, he has an "arrears balance" of $3,557.06.

Jon took to Twitter to defend himself, explaining that the site shows his "recurring balance" and he pays his child support "every month..."

"There is no story, I pay CS," he wrote in response to Radar Online's report on his late payments. "The state site is my recurring balance, so guess what, it will always be there. Every month. Paid in full."

"Great digging up a story about nothing," he added. "Find something else to write a story about. I pay my water bill too, why don't you make that a story. Morons."

Attorney Troy Slaten explained to E! News that the "arrears balance" listed for Jon is in fact  "an order by the court to pay your support and a noncompliance [with it] is a contempt of court."

Because the amount Jon owes isn't huge, Slaten says the former reality star "could just be shortly behind and he is just about to pay it in the next day or so."

If he doesn't pay up, though, there will be consequences. The state could collect the unpaid balance from Gosselin through a property lien or his tax refund. He could even be jailed or placed on probation for up to six months. Because he will most likely pay the amount soon, none of these sanctions are likely to go into effect.

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