The baby speculation continues!

It's been almost two years since Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher got hitched, and sorry, but with a good-looking couple like that—we want to see some babies! (Is it so wrong of us to try to dictate how celebs live their lives?)

So is it time for some little humans?

Nope, not yet.

The country-singin' diva hung out with E! News and told us, "We're both so busy and it would be weird to have that much—you know, there's another person depending on you."

But even though the duo aren't planning to expand their family just yet, they definitely seem to have nailed the married life. And according to Underwood, part of the secret is to give each other some time apart.

"It's so nice to miss him, and it's so nice to be happy every time I see him. And, you know, we really cherish the time we have together."

—Reporting by Alicia Quarles

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