Chris Hemsworth, Thor

Marvel/Paramount Pictures/Zade Rosenthal

Avengers star Chris Hemsworth is one helluva big guy.

Have ya seen his Thor body?

You'd think getting smacked around by the huge hunky Aussie wouldn't exactly feel too good.


His Thor and The Avengers costar Tom Hiddleston didn't mind at all.

"Chris Hemsworth punched me in the face, but I asked him to do that, so I forgive him," said Hiddleston, who plays the evil Loki.

He asked him to do that?!

"We were doing this fight scene and [director] Joss [Whedon] was saying, 'Guys, I feel like it's just really, well, it just needs to be more. I'm just not really feeling it,' " Hiddleston said. "So we're trying to do it, and I was just like, 'Chris, just punch me!' "

And that he did.

"It was great," Hiddleston gushed. "It looks amazing."

And then there was the time Hiddleston took it upon himself to fling himself across a room after being hit by the Hulk. "I landed on my left elbow," he grimaced. "I felt like such a tit because it was completely self-inflicted. Nobody did it to me."

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