Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Alexander Skarsgård and Charlize Theron are truly a thing? As far as you know? For some reason, that pairing makes me happy and I would have to assume makes them happy; I mean, you've seen them both! So I hope it's true!

Dear Blond Ambition:
One of my favorite new duos too, babe! I adore Charlize and A.Skars too, so why not combine them into one golden-locked power couple?! But yes, I know that they are seeing each other—it's true!—and so far have been very secretive with their PDA. If you want to catch a peek at 'em, might I suggest hitting up the more exclusive hot spots in WeHo.

Dear Ted:
I probably shouldn't say this 'cause I'll likely get bombarded on the boards. What about Nikki Reed for the Fifty Shades of Grey lead? I think she's annoying and vain, but she's also talented and beautiful. I think she could do it, you?
—Not a NR Fan, But…

Dear Controversial Casting:
Hmm, while Nikki might look the part, she doesn't quite have that youthful innocence needed to play Ana. Heck, she even played a naughty teenager in Thirteen—she's never been one to do the doe-eyed darling thing.

Dear Ted:
Jennifer Lawrence totally won me over after she called out PETA, who I may say are nutcases! She just said what no one had the guts to say.

Dear Sing It, Sista!
I totally agree, I'm into J.Law's unfiltered thing—the same way I love when Megan Fox speaks her mind, despite the flak she'll surely get for it. But are we sure she wasn't saying "Screw Peeta," because that, I think, would be far more controversial!

Dear Ted:
I have a Fifty Shades question for you. I feel that the story is so erotic that, unless it has an NC-17 rating it will be a total sellout. It's so sexually graphic, and that's why it's so loved. If the film version qualifies for an R rating, it's not true to the book and therefore an epic failure. What do you think? Is Hollywood ready to make an explicit film that isn't your typical porno? If all the ladies are reading it and loving it, then why can't someone make an accurate quality film based on the source material? I'm sure you must have an opinion on this!

Dear For Your Viewing Pleasure:
It's a tough call, especially for a studio, Leigh. Sure, they want to stay faithful to the book (and all its lusty scenes, no doubt), and what better than naughty sex scenes to cause controversy? But an NC-17 rating also limits the amount of theaters it will play in and a lot of people will overlook it as simply snuff (just look at all the crapola Shame had to put up with). Though it hasn't been decided, I suspect it'll be rated R.

Dear Ted:
So much casting debate going on about Finnick Odair. I think Jensen Ackles should play him. What do you think?

Dear Natural Selection:
I'd prefer Jared Padalecki if we're picking one of the demon-hunting bros, Bec.

Dear Ted:
How can anyone but January Jones be cast as Grace Kelly? Don't say she doesn't have the chops. She's amazing as Betty on Mad Men! And she could pull off both the young and older Grace. Unlike January, who is a doppelganger for Grace, Nicole Kidman looks nothing like her! Plus, Grace Kelly was complex, not just the icy blonde (à la Kidman) she projected. January Jones can do the whole Grace Kelly justice: from insecure, hard-partying starlet to Hollywood icon to European princess to devoted matriarch of a troubled family.

Dear Keeping Up with the Jones:
Sure, January is swell as Betty, because her personality fits. But, in my opinion, she's simply too wooden for Grace. We need someone with a bit more passion boiling underneath…

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