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Melody who?

Former Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton, must be worried we've forgotten all about her because she showed up at the hoity-toity Elle Women in Music Event in a completely see-through metallic lace dress.

In what looked like a desperate effort to make an impression...

The 27-year-old singer put on quite a display in this attempt to upstage more appropriately dressed attendees that included former Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger and Jessie J.

Thornton's post-Pussycat career has been far from stellar. Her latest album, Piss On Your Black List was released in March and she was quoted as saying, "[the title] has nothing to do with being a rebel or fighting against anything. It has everything to do with fighting for myself."

Well, making such a bare display of her rack in front of a bevy of industry professionals is certainly a weird way to do that. An effective way, perhaps, but still weird. Also, maybe a little inappropriate? Just a bit?

What was she thinking? This isn't the Grammys.

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